Hekate: An Illuminating Presence by Dorn Simon-Sinnott (Featured in Hekate: Her Sacred Fires)

The following article/written works are fully copyrighted…

© Dorn Simon-Sinnott

It has been published and appears in the tome Hekate: Her Sacred Fires (www.sacredfires.co.uk) which is an Anthology of written and art works created, inspired and in honour of the Goddess Hekate.

The Anthology hosting over fifty (50) contributors who have excitedly gathered to create this collection of works, all thanks to firstly Hekate, All inspiring Soteira, and her ever faithful devotee Sorita D’Este (www.sorita.co.uk) and her Publishing House Avalonia (www.avaloniabooks.co.uk) which she runs with her equally talented and scholarly husband David Rankine (http://ritualmagick.co.uk/121/)

The Anthology started as a seed, grew to the idea to gather as many essays, articles, artworks from as far afield as possible, to becoming the Anthology with such a large amount of submissions that it shaped up to be an entire project beyond any of our wildest dreams.

Hekate likes things big, bold and loud…Hekate had her wish come true, as the Anthology led into a A4 sized tome of 308 pages full of the most diverse experiential written and painted works on the planet!

Further again, there were enough works to possibly put together yet another book, but firstly Hekate: Her Sacred Fires reached the attention of not only the 50 or more contributors but over 3000 followers and from around the globe.

This created another seed, to make the launch, already decided a large display of honouring Hekate, to become a Globally Attuned Rite; A Sacred Ritual written by Sorita D’Este and performed all on the same day May 27th 2010 by over 3000 Devotees, Priests/Priestesses, of Hekate Worldwide.

The Anthology is now into it’s Second (Revised) Edition with slight changes in content and additional artworks, even to the cover, you can order your revised edition from www.sacredfires.co.uk or from www.avaloniabooks.co.uk or even www.amazon.co.uk as from Autumn Equinox September 23rd the revised edition will be available.




An Illuminating Presence

By: Dorn Simon-Sinnott

Of all the qualities and aspects that our Great Hekate do possess, it is unlikely subtlety is one of them!

Why? In my experience, with each encounter, and almost on a daily basis, Hekate has something to offer; whether it be guidance, illumination, a simple reminder in some other vein, or a blatant lack of subtlety in an action, which in my case includes; the item’s on Her Shrine either falling or spilling over out of the blue; images, paintings and portrayals of Hekate seemingly leaping from her pose to quite purposely fall on the floor in front of me, taking a myriad of other sacred items with her in her leap.

At other times Hekate has merely sent through imagery, or repetitive visions with hints for my lack of insight or recognition of what it may be Hekate is trying to tell me.

Hekate has an air of authority about her, yet can be the greatest support, nurturing with a stern hand, and at times as demanding as a relentless child, no insult intended Hekate!

Her presence is the strongest I have felt from Deity and in such a unique wave of mastery, Hekate knows how to be heard, found, sought, adhered to and worshiped.

The way in which she reaches us is outstanding, as we each are individual with our own way of thinking, working, and believing.

To possess such power as to manifest her messages through to the physical realm and in mundane daily tasks is what astounds me most, that in each of us there is a way for Hekate to get us to notice her, these can be simple or challenging and are most certainly diverse.

I recall once, when trying to find a placement for my three painted brass wall masks, that the fuse box above me and my new home’s front door opened unexpectedly, this led to my choosing to place them on that wall, just inside the front door.

In this same time-frame, whilst out walking woof (as he is affectionately nicknamed), I had come across an area of woodland that had been thinned, leaving oddments of timber for the wildlife. Having spotted one piece in particular it urged me to pick it up as it quite clearly stated should be made into a key holder, I rationalised this in the belief it would get me back to my creative side and wood-working, yet also provide a useful item in the home, so I took this piece of timber with me.

I began to see a pattern of ‘things happening’; as I noted each occurrence, it slowly unfolded.

Later that same year; I began Spiritual Training within the Fellowship Of Isis. As I embarked on my Adepthood initiatory challenges, Rites and studies, I began to be called to address many issues that resided within me, which had been making my life difficult and unhealthy, as I was storing negative energies.

I transcended into my depths with emotions under scrutiny, actions under silent guidance, and life taking on a other-worldly feel, more so than my norm.

I also had an up close and personal experience with Persephone whilst visiting one of Ireland’s most noted cave’s, she appeared clear as day to me in the calcite formations, stalactites and stalagmites within. It was Persephone whom opened me up to Demeter, Hekate and Helios, I had already spent some time with Hades!

Research ensued, a closer look into Hekate, which brought results that stunned me; Keys; (Key bearer), Three Masks; (Triformis), Crossroads; (The changes that were occurring in my life), Psychopomp; ability to walk through the Underworld and return to the Physical Realm and is the guide of souls (Delving to the depths of darkness to re-emerge into the light cleansed, renewed and studying Psychology and Reiki), Shrines or Altars; placed inside the front door’s of home’s or on the door’s themselves, (The placement of my masks and key holder, adding later a small altar), Soteira; (Saviour), Phosphorous; (Illumination – see the light, be guided by Hekate back to the light), Gateways.

These all inter-related to the signs and patterns I had been receiving.

Suddenly my world became an epic receptor, with messages everywhere, lessons to be learnt and adapted to, perceptions having another viewpoint, everything correlating and connecting, the most miniscule input became linked to something larger that I was doing, whether it a Rite, a Study Guide, Reiki Training, re-arranging my house, walking my dog, it all merged into a purpose, a routine, with a loud repetitive chant over many month’s…

“Hekate, Hekate, Hekate…She will send you to your depths, leave you in darkness till the fear has gone, the pain eased, the dark thoughts spent, the emotions untangled.

She will then guide you into the light, from the darkness, with force, strength, vigour, and initiating your Divine purpose; Hekate is calling you, she refuses to stop, you must listen, that voice each day that speaks her name in your mind, the signs she has given you, must no longer be ignored, you are being chosen by Hekate, to do her work.”

During this period, I did in fact live the way Hekate was steering me to, I reached Adepthood, this qualifies me to found my own Iseum for training other’s, and an Iseum has to have a Patron Deity, Goddess/God/or both.

I knew that the Deities I had encountered and worked with previously were not for this adventure…it was a time of renewal, of finding new path’s and new ways, to find a Deity who fit’s the purpose of my Iseum, that being; reaching into yourself, learning the shadows, clearing, cleansing, healing, therapy, counselling…taking oneself through the self’s darker aspects, to emerge brighter, lighter, healthier and happier.

Now Hekate was consistently calling me, yet I was still reluctant to work with her, in part due to my rebellious nature; “I won’t be bullied!”, and partly due to the misconceptions, and darker aspects depicted of and through Hekate, and of course we have all heard of her scornful, vengeful side.

I kept being brought to a cave in my visions, again in relation to Persephone, having now realised the impact Hekate had in Persephone’s story.

The simplest of things were being shown to me, Yew tree’s, Blackthorn‘s, a sudden over-consumption of Garlic on a regular basis, and that never ending chant, which now struck my mind like a neon flashing sign…“Hekate, Hekate, Hekate“.I was not able to do anything, without Hekate being somehow related to it, everything I read, researched, bought, liked, ate, it all linked to her in some way or form…she is very persistent, persuasive, and at times as already stated, rather demanding.

Alas at the end of many months and much thought (when I had a chance to think with all her chanting!) I gave in.

My Iseum was dedicated to Hekate and Hermes, the work forged ahead, busy and fast, students flowed in to sign up, (they still do!) and Hekate had become a large part of my daily, and Spiritual life.

Since then, Hekate has stood up for me, guided me, chastised me, pushed me in new directions, made things happen, by making me make them happen, ebbing her flow when I am low, kicking my butt when I sloth, and most of all, being there in everything I do.

Times have been emotionally trying, even in despair at times, yet Hekate is strong, stern, comforting and consistent, always lighting the path ahead, forever showing alternative routes, always initiating a new phase, a new project for me to do.

Hekate what would we do without you?

7th December 2009


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3 Responses to Hekate: An Illuminating Presence by Dorn Simon-Sinnott (Featured in Hekate: Her Sacred Fires)

  1. Arianrhod says:

    Greetings Dorn,
    I see, as I read your encounters with Hekate, that you have experienced the Goddess in Her many-faceted personalities. Most people only see Her as a Old Crone. She, as you know by your interactions with Her, can be Mother, teacher, counselor & trusted guide in the Spiritual realms.
    Yes, the UnderWorld is a trip we must all take in our growth in the spiritual life. But what greater guide to travel it with than Hekate Herself! She is an all-emcompassing Goddess. Strong, but just. She is Strength, but gives it to us, in our weaknesses. Hekate is the light when we can’t find one.
    Thank you for sharing your encounters with the Titaness Goddess Hekate. She is a Mother to Her many daughters, who walk unafraid holding on to Her hand.

    Hekate blessings,

    • dorndryad says:

      Thank you Arianrhod,

      It does help to hear other’s understanding of both Hekate and the depths in which we sometimes find ourselves whilst learning her’s and other’s Mysteries.
      I am writing yet another piece but it is for my Priestess training, but again it relates to the underworld and the caves that lead to it from Earthly planes.
      Thanks again for reading


  2. sacredbells says:

    Thank you for sharing Dorn! I enjoyed your contribution in Her Sacred Fires very much. It is such a unique project which has since lead to so many new avenues opening for so many people. Sorita and all the contributors, you included, are simply wonderful!

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