Hekate Samhain Prayer

Hekate guide me out of this cave
In which I dwell most of my life
In the darkness, painfully alone
Help me find the path to the light
To give me strength to find my might
Hekate you who hold the gift
To go in and out , up and under, at a shift
Too much of my time is passed
Zoned out, struggling, fading fast
I know there’s lessons inside and out
But more light in my life, will aid, no doubt
I have been in the underworld for way too long
Please Hekate hear my song
Lift the stone, the veil if must
In you I believe and trust
I know I have a life to lead
Let me out, is all I plead

So mote it be

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5 Responses to Hekate Samhain Prayer

  1. Arianrhod says:

    A beautiful prayer & plea to Hekate, in the darkness of our lives. The UnderWorld is a place not to dwell in too long in our mortal frame, without carrying its weight & sorrow along with us.
    Hekate will not leave Her beloved children too long there. All we have to do is call out Her name, and Her torches light our way out, leaving the dark, but remembering the journey there.
    A wonderful prayer, perfect for the dark times.


  2. Rona says:

    Hi Dorn,

    Absolutely wonderful prayer, perfect for those times when we need the guidance of Hekate…Do keep up the writing Dorn, you certainly have talent there which shouldn’t be hidden. I am looking forward to reading more.

    Love and Blessings,

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