August Full Moon

On this Full Moon powerfully bright
I call on the Universe and all it’s might
I offer Thee this candle flame alight
Representing my fiery soul tonight

With so many changes in this world
With so much struggle across the globe
I Honour the Gods of all around
I feel their sadness and their frowns

I ask first and foremost to gather healing energy all
To use it well by transporting to all, those in need, places distraught, those in drought, riots about, all dis-ease, ailments and such, even Demons be cast out

I hearby call for the Earth to be healed
Universal energies revealed
Brighten and lighten the Planet abound
All those in it feeling less pain and bound

We are all Spirit connected
Each a ripple we make
If we all call for healing
We can cause effect of goodness

I now ask of help personally
By calling on the Goddess Hestia Vesta
I ask of Thou to show mercy upon me
By guiding me and my family to a livable comfortable home
A house to live, love and sleep
A home be made from what we reap
A home that is our’s both mine and Jay’s
To help start building happier healthier days

May you illuminate this available home
In time for when we next must roam
By Novemeber’s Full Moon bright
Help us find that home by Novemeber’s Full Moon night

We thank Thee for hearing our plea
We are willing to do whatever you ask of Thee
Keeping us out of harm’s way and taking nothing of other’s away

May these words be an offering placed to flame
To ignite Hestia’s Hearth this night again

So Mote It Be
Blessed Be

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