My Hekate Awakening

*This was originally written some year’s ago onto a social forum, I thought I would add this to the Blog.*

I thought I would write of my Awakening of Hekate.
I had heard of this Goddess many, many years ago, yet like most, had only heard the darker aspects of Hekate.
Having thus decided, I certainly wasn’t ready to work with a Goddess so enwrapped in darkness or vengeance, especially when my life took on such a role already…I declined to hear her call.

Just recently however, every tiny thing in my life was linking to Hekate, even inadvertently, say via Persephone, for instance.
First of all I was guided to clear out my darker aspects, the cobwebs of past hurts or upbringing, to sift through and learn from my darker aspects, with a guidance from or calling to Hekate in particular.
Within 3 separate readings Hekate appeared, each crystal or working, ritual or nature spirit/tree that I communed with, whispered Hekate…I even had an experience whilst visiting a cave recently, meeting Persephone, though now wonder if wasn’t by the hand of Hekate…

On a personal level it has been a trying time for me, being pulled to my depths…
When this group was posted, I immediately joined as again saw it as Hekate trying to open my eyes…the group being linked to Avalonia Books and Sorita & David, then had me browsing their works, and so I ordered some books, one being Hekate: Keys to the Crossroads, which I read in one sitting with many coincidences reinforced into clear messages from Hekate.

I knew very little other then what I wrote above about her, not even what pantheon she belonged to let alone her symbols or aspects.
So upon reading the afore mentioned works, I was amazed at how many hints I had been getting from Hekate and for how long.

Listed below.

Some time ago I collected some sawed pieces of trunk wood, wear thinning was taking place in a local forestry, when home, one piece demanded I make it into a key holder for inside my front door…I had never had one before, yet did have an accumulation of keys, thus felt this demand to be warranted, this is yet to be made, yet the wood waits patiently.

Within the book, I find that Hekate is the Goddess that holds the Keys to the Crossroads, is Guardian of Doorways/Gateways and so on…this tangents to the realisation that, ‘ah that’s where the key holder near peoples doors comes from; an old custom stemming from the worship of Hekate’, this reminds me of my yet to be made key holder.

Now where this yet to be made key holder is planned to hang is other adornments above this space, and this is the part when my jaw dropped…

…upon continued reading it is mentioned about Hekate’s triple form, and sometimes represented as the three masks, well low and behold if it is not 3 different yet similar masks that hang on the wall just inside my front door above the space reserved for said wooden key holder!
With a small stool below this space awaiting to become a small Shrine or Altar, to which I was awaiting my decision on a Patron for the Iseum I am to found!

Well suffice it to say, that almost everything since has screamed Hekate, even my mundane tasks have become Hekate orientated.

Now I am still a tad nervous to fully devote or commit to daily working with her, though feel it is inevitable…I am a recent Adept and had been opening myself to the calls for a Patron to work with in my own founding of an Iseum, Hekate was not on this list, but seemingly is demanding to be considered.
I also find her willingness and kindness in offering what is needed, yet if betrayed, ignored or slighted in any way will reek havoc and put one in her black book, to be very similar in my own black/white personality aspects when in social interaction or close relationships, so who knows perhaps we are to work together for I just know there is much to learn from Hekate.

Blessings to all who do and all who don’t, and to her almightiness Hekate!

*Shortly after writing and experiencing this, I did indeed Choose Hekate, or rather She Chose me, and an Iseum was Founded in Her name…shortly again after that founding Iseum, I became involved in the Hekate: Her Sacred Fires project!! (*

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