A New Perspective of Hope

Writing 101 ~ Assignment ~ Day Three ~ One Word Prompt ~ HOPE.

Up until the last five or six weeks, the word HOPE would have had such a different meaning to me.
I would of thought of HOPE as, something less meaningful, using terms like:
I HOPE I can get a lift to the Hospital;
I HOPE I have enough to cover the rent;
I HOPE I don’t get ill, or vise versa, I HOPE this sickness is brief;
I HOPE Mum is going to be alright; all of these would have been spoken, or thought on a cyclical repetitive basis, with little meaning, nor effort, nor energy behind them.

Then in recent weeks, things in my life began to change dramatically, chain reactions stirred up new chemistry to my life, suddenly, a new path was being forged, factors from an external aspect, were making vast change occur on the internal level, via an upsurge of needing to face certain unexpected scenario’s.
All at once came the need to earn again, as the rent is being increased, the task of remaining strong in the face of adversity, the keeping to my wider berth boundaries in order to protect my sensibilities, a sudden health scare, a facing of phobia’s,
dealing with emotional baggage, someone else’s, which was making it worse, deciding to relight the flame of my writing skill’s, to build a freelance idea into a business venture, and all the trimmings that come along with that…

…I saw so much change in myself this past month, most of all in my responses, my approach, my acceptance, my solution finding, as opposed drowning in and being spun into a downward spiral.
I had found worth, strength, solid boundaries, and a new perspective of HOPE.

HOPE is now almost a tangible living aspiration, it is a force that can, once you give it permission, take hold of every cell within your body, every idea, every dream, every solution, every thought, every mundane issue that crops up, every achievement one can make in any given day…

…HOPE can create all of the above, feed them all, energise each and every action one takes, and HOPE can move one forward, on a new path, and birth a fresh new start.

I no longer use the word HOPE haphazardly, or meaninglessly, in fact I no longer see HOPE in the form of an adjective at all, I feel it, I sense it, I am driven by it, and I am fed by it, my life has changed completely in this short time, somehow, HOPE appears to be the largest factor, instead of a negative connotation in the ‘I HOPE a, b, or c’, its now a positive living thing that has given me the ability to finally fulfill my potentiality, to fulfill my soul’s purpose, to be who I am, and to be what I want to be.

HOPE amongst similar accompanying factor’s, has given me a new lease of life.

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