Twilight Sinking in the Deep Blue


‘Twilight Sinking in the Deep Blue’

Immersed in a over-powering beauty, floating, bobbing up and down
Even in these deep blue depths, it’s hard to wear a frown
Look around, atop the waves, that push you to and fro
As you equally feel a sinking, whilst being kept afloat

Nearby Island’s, static like their rock
The twilight sinking, as the Sun screams “tick tock”
The strength, the balance, that deep blue even flow
Alluring you under, as twilight does go

The shimmering gleam across the wet
The calming massage of ocean’s depths
The chill, the pull, the tug, the sunset glow
At this moment, it’s all you know

Now wait, look here, perhap’s it’s the Dawn
The commencement of time, repeated each Morn
The time when Sun is yet to rise
Though glimmer’s hope across one’s eyes

To whither, or which way, this sun do be
Tis, the depths I notice of the deep blue sea
The light a shimmer, yet needed not
For this water, has power, the power is got.

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6 Responses to Twilight Sinking in the Deep Blue

  1. Dorn Simon-Sinnott says:

    Reblogged this on Graphein Freelance.

  2. Kathy says:

    These words work so well with the picture. Beautiful.

  3. wow what a poem! I feel like I’m in the water sinking, floating swimming in turn! Well done. 🙂

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