Aristotle Said…

~ Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC)

A most poignant quote for today’s Society, wouldn’t you say?

Yet this quote’s creator died two-thousand, three-hundred and thirty-seven years ago, in the year 322 BC.

A year in which, according to the pre-Julian Roman calendar, was known as the Year of the Consulship of Rullianus and Curvus.

If we turn to today’s Newspaper, or peruse the latest Facebook posts, shares, and comments; listen to today’s news report’s, read current affairs, with all the austerity, political back and forth’s, some defending their decision’s and choice’s, whilst other’s deny any wrong doing, whilst using term’s such as “the economy is in good recovery”; then one switches the channel to hear the very same voice describe the how and why of further cut’s to the sick and most vulnerable were not only needed, and required but that the Government simply didn’t have the funds for this service!

(Now not forgetting the fact I am currently living in Ireland, where my Taoiseach Enda Kenny, earns more than The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama).

Not much seems to have changed regards the fact, that Poverty is a Rich-man’s game.

Today, here in Ireland, this is a most relavent quote, as the year’s 2014-2015 has seen the People of this Society, stand up in an uproar to their oppressor’s Fine Gael and Labour, becoming revolutionary as they did so, crying out for a revolution, to oust these parties from our ruling Government, after there proving to be more than plenty of evidence recorded, to show Treason of the Irish People.
With almost every single claim they made in order to be elected in; even though the People were apprehensive, they were conned into believing, that this Government coalition, had to be better than the previous Fianna Fail, who managed to backrupt us completely!

On the Crime side of this quote, we have had the largest increase in (poverty inducing) crime in thefive-year term of this current Government.

2014-2015 Crime Statistics Report:

2006-2010 Crime Statistics Report:

So, yes, I dare say Aristotle was rather spot on, as Poverty is the Parent of Revolution and Crime.


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