~ The Space To Write ~

Graphein Freelance

~ The Space To Write ~

The space to write come’s through my head, then give it time, to manifest
Assimilate to form it must, though most the time it flow’s as thus
In my bed, on my phone, at my desk, on the laptop home, soon to be back to desktop PC, I write continuously…
…Forever in my head, then take pointer’s of what I have said
Then I decide to open Notepad App, then develop it on to write at length
With these Writing 101 task’s, along with the Graphein Freelance
I have begun a full working day, sitting at my desk, with laptop, phone and PC filet
I need my pen’s, my paper pad’s too, though sometime’s, the program or app’s will do
Peace or chosen background a must, as age and focus now needs me to adjust.

I hereby request and offer in turn, to bring…

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