~ The Procrastination of the Embedding Tweet ~

(Personally, I do not use Twitter, to read, tweet, connect or otherwise, I did once many year’s ago to find it the most irritating of platforms in regards all. Tech-wise it was merely like chatter in my head all day long, and the spam, or unwanted connection’s were eerie. Therefore I refrain from this Social Media outlet, or rather inlet!).

However, today at Blogging University, we are asked to write about a Tweet that grabbed one’s attention and further to that, embed the Twitter Account and Tweet.

This one “quoted” below spoke fervently to me.

“I can’t decide if procrastination kills creativity or is essential to it”.

A procrastinating statement, regards procrastination, or the grey area in-between deciding whether the Tweeter is procrastinating by thinking this, or being rather intellectually amusing with this statement!

I loved it! Whatever his reasoning behind this Tweet, I laughed, at the absurdity, I laughed, yet admired, at the ingenuity, and I got to thinking about the material matter behind the statement.

Procrastination hit’s us all, whether we are worker’s, artist’s, homemaker’s, successful, struggle, it is something that divides our thought’s, our motivation’s, our creativity. It is useful at time’s, as with it bring’s a down-time, a break, though at other time’s, and to some people, it can be an addiction, to continually procrastinate, to the point of inward criticism, which breed’s indifference, which hatches depression, and so forth.

Though, for other’s, it is equally an instigation To Creativity, as much as it flip-sides on occasion into the killing thereof. I tend to believe, after many year’s living with this shadow, that when procrastination halts me, it is either a time needed to delve through one’s psyche, or creative pool, or merely a time to fester in the dark; on the other side, I come out fresher, more creative than whence I was halted and the procrastination began.

Therefore, like all aspect’s on this mortal coil, it is the Balance that counts, not the whether procrastination kill’s creativity, or that creativity depends on it.

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