Ambiguity In Every Idiom

“Foot in mouth syndrome” –

Posted by Wandering Soul.

My simple comment…“Ha! I love it… You see, you are still learning from your Father, being reminded of that connection, being taught a bit about yourself from when you were too young to digest it fully…and yes, it could well be a profoundly personal double-entendre,” 🙂

This left me with two niggling point’s in the brain; Firstly, was Double-Entendre the accurate idiom to use, as to the majority, and to a dictionary-thesaurus, this would warrant some form of sexual innuendo, or relation thereof; Secondly, in knowing this was for some reason, the post I wished to expand upon, I yet had not the avenue fully formed for my response.

There is of course, then the third niggle, that by my possible mis-use of the idiom Double-Entendre, I was in fact myself, putting my “foot in my mouth”…but then, the cycle spins again, as one would expect that particular idiom also to mean an exact ‘something’ regard’s terminology too…therefore, I seem struck by a pattern of never-ending swirling idiom’s that may not quite accurately describe my intent.

Now, putting the English aside, and focusing on the original post and comment at hand.

I found and saw so much within this short entry, which spoke ironically, and with heart. I was moved by the notion of a Father loving his childer so much, and being so in touch with his Family and personal  feeling’s, that observation came clear and easy to him, with him then lovingly recording it into a diary-journal, for his grown Daughter later to read…

…the entry, with its irony, sarcasm, humour, touched me equally.

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