‘Dog of The Hour’

Graphein Freelance

What a Difference A Day Makes…24 Little Hours…

(Indecisions: To utilise the entire day, and watch it unfold; or to do a Jack Bauer Hour by Hour; or simply a solitary Hour?
Fiction or true-life, poetic or mundane, story or diary? …Bah-Humbug…I need lunch first!)

“Wo-ooh, woo” (in dog speech) …the usual alarm clock, from the hound in the lounge, so loud he can still waken me, simultaneously the cat senses I’ve stirred and begins her nag-wag song, incessant in her greeting, follows me into the loo…
“Oi, I don’t disturb you in your potty!”, I utter, she just glares at me with a repetitive “Meo-um”, her version of “Maaam!” (Screeching child’s mimicry)
The dog, continues demanding the house down, thinking he is Boss, a Rottweiler or some such, he is not…he is a neurotic Bichon Frise; Git more like, the times I have an accident trying to rush down…

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