‘Score of my Core’

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.”

— Maya Angelou

When asked my all time favourite song, artist, group/band, album….I am always stuck for words as my mind funnels through a musical wormhole of memories in my mind, cataloguing the emotional bonds that were attached to them.

How could anyone ever answer this question easily? At least anyone who has experienced music as a large part of their life. I simply can not limit myself that easily, so when given this quote by the fascinating and much revered Maya Angelou, RIP, as a prompt today, my first thoughts wandered straight into my favourite poem of hers, Still I Rise, with that forever instilled in my heart verse:

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.

You can read Still I Rise it in its entirety here: 

Very relevent in times like these!

Then I looked at the sample ways I can utilise this idea prompt today, and the last one piqued a postable idea, *Compile a playlist of 10 tracks that represent you* which before it even reached the New Post page had already boiled over, so I have resigned myself to just go with the flow!

My life was always accompanied by a soundtrack, a score of musical form, yet to go through every single connection, obssession, emotional response, memory, feeling, even as stated above, artist, band, song or album, would in itself take a lifetime over again…so how does one condense it down?

Genre? Too superimposed; Timeline? Too limited or the opposite if such are classics; so as I ventured through these answers it became apparent, it will never be fully covered, nor fully told.

So here is merely a sneak peek of the soundtracks of the most pivotal life moments whereby a certain Artist/Band, Song, or Album played a part in my broken heart, saddened soul, hyper happy, lonely lament, mental mania, angered anguish, and all those lovely life experiencing emotional dramatic nuances we go through. Be aware this does not be, nor cannot be an entire list, as even as I write I am wishing I include more, but we know that is simply a task I should discipline myself to stop even the thought of attempting…

  • Circa: 1968-1972. The Hollies – Jennifer Eccles. Dorn up to 4 years of age, repeatedly playing this on the turntable whilst equally turning round and round riding her tricycle to it.



  • Circa: 1978-1984. Gary Numan – (Mostly) Replicas. Dorn found her first idol, the first person whom seemed to think or function the similar alien way; First regular concert attending; Dorns first Tattoo attempt with indian ink; he also a fellow Piscean.



  • Circa: 1981-1985. Japan/David Sylvian – (Mostly Early Works). Dorn is now fascinated with androgynous forms, it matching the combined imagery she found herself adapting, and the alternative ways in which artists are expressing themselves, the music of Japan opened up a whole new feel and progression, a sense of intellect too, not to mention gave her the most beautiful man to admire, not only another Piscean, but shares her birthday!



  • Circa: 1983-1987. The Cramps – (Mostly) Off The Bone. Dorn found her first in-crowd, that contained more than two people! Psychobillies, a fresh kind of old rock’n’roll, sweeping out of the sexualised 80’s genres, of that like Hanoi Rock’s, bringing a perfect platform for the upcoming acceptance of remnant Goth and indie-punk. Dorn now tattooed again with The Cramps, professionally this time, by the (now renowned) Lee Symonds of Cherry Blossom Tattoo Studio in Essex, she was also now out on her own.



  • Circa: 1984-1988. Sisters of Mercy – (Mostly Older Works). Dorn now fully fledged Goth-like, androgynous punk. Also beginning to experience nightlife of the London and (upon moving in 1988) the subsequent Dublin scenes. The drowning deep voices, and method of sound, the death-like image, was a match for the co-morbid Dorn that could now be and look how she wanted to, and she had the logo of this band branded with indian ink in 1984.



  • Circa: 1982-1989. Julian Cope – Teardrop Explodes. Enter in the Drood, the one who spelled out Heathenism long before Dorn even realised he was one! This guy became a small obssession admittedly, driving Dorn’s bestest’s crazy, with his albums on an incessant loop and Dorn’s gig trawling. Ironically, Dorn now a fully fledged Pagan.



  • Circa: 1986-1991. Gaye Bykers on Acid – All. The Grebo movement further matched the overlapping and consistantly changing colours of Dorn, her tastes, nightclubbing and her mind, with acts like the Leicester cluster of Crazyhead, Bomb Party, Zodiac Mindwarp and the Psychodelic God’s of them all, Gaye Bykers On Acid. Enter more indian ink! These guys had Dorn’s undivided attention and not a gig was missed, even to this day a connection remains with friendship’s across the facebook world.



  • Circa: 1986-1995. Dead Can Dance – All. Dorn now realising the  nightlife was not entirely living, and having found herself with no abode, nor live-in a musician’s job anymore, she moved to Dublin in 1988 to avoid being homeless longer than was neccessary. Enter’s the first relationship, with which it was clear she was but a naive wee thing, yet to develop in the real world, having hidden behind persona’s-image, and musical groups, she lived the fantasy, not the reality, here the mind began to form, or show signs of its deformity perhaps? Therefore the depths of her soul and psyche were reached with the songs of DCD. Who ironically stemmed from Ireland!



Circa: 1988-For Infinity.

Now for the piece-de-resistance; Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor. There are no words that will even justify the affinity with this musician, the depths travelled, the obstacles overcome, the successes experienced, all with a continuous soundtrack provided by TR, who has aided in despair, yet heightened into determination, journeyed in darkness and walked into the light. Dorn found her hunger again for knowledge, began academic studies, and also developed her niche, that of writing, with media production and associated fields. Forever grateful for the lyrics leading through transitions of time, with sounds so utterly divine.



  • Circa: 2000-2015. One cannot omit the very talented…

#Street Drum Corps brothers, @Adam Alt, @Bobby Alt and @Frank Zummo

…nor not mention a wee obssession with…

… #Thirty Seconds To Mars, for their early compositions as well as their talented actor/director frontman @Jared Leto …

…or the phenomenal #Saul Williams.






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