‘The Curse of M’

(Some Folks might wish to skip this one!)


5.30 in the morning, I lay awake, thinking that menopause is a curse
There I thought the monthly’s were bad, but this is far, far worse
Never knowing who I’ll be or what I came down here for
Never a sneeze can miss, the leaking below galore
Awake at atrocious hours, then zombie through the day
Reminds me much of my youth, the times I blitzed away
The memory, don’t get me started, its like needing to go, then find you’ve only farted!
One minute lucid, with articulate prowess
Next like one’s been muted, with brains seeping a mess
That weight was lost in perfect time, as now it sags so sublime
The wrinkles not yet here, else that could be my eyes are blind
That cursed menopause, the thing a female’s a blessed
Tis ain’t what I expected it to be, I must confess.

‘The things we leave behind’ Writing 101 – 16.

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