~ Home With A Capital Z ~


~ Home With A Capitol Z ~

*** ~ Map Z ~ ***


Home with a capitol Z

Perhaps that should be HRV

Zadar ~ Hrvatska, Croatia to you and me

This, where my non-familial Family be

One day, I chose to flee, even if for a holiday

Solo, researched, with phrase and guide book

This country already had me hooked

An inner knowing, from times gone by

Little knowledge yet here I fly

Over Europe, towards Zagreb

Planning my solo venture ahead

First stop City, to wander and roam

Til I jumped a tram to find the nights home

Ironically, opposite a McDonalds

All that way, for a Fillet-o-fish

Not exactly, my first planned dish

A Film on TV by Pedro Almodóvar

Easing me in, at my hotel

The staff, no English, were friendly to please

Even a phone call was taken for me

Friends of a friend, a contact if need

But I had an itinerary

Off to jump that tram once more, then down the city station

I ordered my bus ticket, in Croatian!

Down below to Plitvice Lakes I go

Beauty, diversity and wonder to know

Green’s, azure blue’s, fishes and dragonflies aglow

This piece of Heaven I followed

Through Lake, Rock, Tree and Waterfall

Climbing the highest I’ve climbed at all

Local Homemade Cheese kept me fed

Until it was time at cabin for bed

Few days later await the bus, that continued downwards the coast

Zadar bound, is where I will stop

Before Split, then Dubrovnik

That was the plan, a good one it seemed

I alighted to find no tourist office seen

So wandered towards my instinctual compass

Finally spying a sign saying Engleski

Tourist Office I had thought

No, tis where I met my Family

An English Professor lived there see

Instantly chatting in English to me

Regardless the fact I up and sprung

Walking into her private home

Instant Family we did make

Including Siblings from hand shake

I wish so much to soon return

That town-land Zadar I hope

In time to see the remaining kin
As poor Tata has parted

Homebound soon, I promise myself

This English Born Traveller must

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