Woof Wednesday Waffle

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George Woof here, slurping onto the first instalment of ‘Woof Wednesday’s’.

This time of year you can find me horse-kicking the blankets to a nice mounded mess, complete with garden earth dust, white fluff and the odd blade of grass. I oft Woof, for no apparent reason, and I pretty much jump up and down a lot, or do my Irish Dancing with clicky claws across the hard flooring…to which seems to acquire rather a lot of attention from Mummy, who applauds me with shout’s from her writing room!

I am due my… shhh…don’t want Mummy to hear…my bubble-bath, not to mention that dreaded electronic mouse yolk that eats my fur, taking with it all my hard-earned dog whiff :-/

For some reason Mummy tries also to cut my beautiful nails, to which I simply refuse with much protest, after all, there are woman who pay a fortune to get long curly hook nails like mine, so why on earth would I allow mine to be hacked with a contraption much like a hand-held guillotine!

Anyhow, I’ve much woofing to do at all those black winging things that dare to taunt me, they know all to well I can’t reach them, and they fly-over anyway. Woof.

Stay tuned, to steal a well used quote…

I’ll Be Back ~ Woof


Woof Woofington

P.S. I like to call myself that, Mummy tends to go more for ‘King George your Heinous’, (yes, I noticed the bad spelling there too!) or Git.

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