‘My Fancy Cup of Tea’


Make tea, not war ~ Monty Python


So, I have quickly learned that Blogging isn’t just a one-sided deal; it requires much interaction, and although primarily about writing, and sharing, or creating, and musing, it is also about reading, reading, and reading! That’s before one even throws in the word’s ‘networking’ or ‘marketing’ to the brew.

So in-between my Blogging 101, Writing 101, Posting, Writing, and more Writing, Website building, and fine-tuning, Researching, Connecting, Networking, simple novice Marketing; I have also, interacted with some fine folk via some of the above-mentioned; alongside having my interest piqued by some of their blogs, or blogs that have floated into my zone, through reader, and followers, therefore posts reached me somehow in this blogosphere.

So, sharing the LOVE…here are a few Blogs/Sites that caught my attention.


  • Ronovanwrites ~ For this Blog taught me Haiku, then consequently got me hooked, but his events go far beyond Haiku alone…check it out!
  • The Aran Artisan ~ Aranislandgirl ~ For anyone interested in living and creating off the land, being self-sufficient, Island life, I was so drawn to this Blog/Site, which came to me via Haiku and turned out to ironically be on the other side of the same Country to me, like mere hours away!
  • Everything Egyptian at the Manchester Museum This is the WordPress presence and Blog of the Manchester University Egyptology Museum. To which whilst studying with them, I learned they have one of the largest Egypt Museums in the World and neatly connect the Egyptian Myths along with the actual history that architecture and anthropology provide.
  • Setjataset A personal, Magickal, Spiritual Blog, for anyone interested in Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian practises.
  • LGS Greek Project Introducing Classical Greek, with many informative, and interesting posts.
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