Wrapping up ‘Writing 101’


So, the month ‘Writing 101’ course comes to an end!

Why would a Writer of many years even feel the need to sign up for this course? You ask…

…I shall tell you, letting you in on a wee secret at the same time…Writers can always use a fresh approach; learn new skills, adapt current skills; I personally had been writing for years, yet not pushing that talent to become an income; therefore when I finally said, “it’s time to take action” to myself, I was hit with all the insecurities, the lacking confidence, that comes along with it.

Also, I was doing my best to utilise online resources; economic resources; market myself on a public platform, to set up ‘feelers’ if you will, to see, is this possible?

Well I can confirm, YES IT IS!

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand; I, in beginning this new venture of Writing professionally, took onboard many research tips, downloading eBook advice, reading professionals advice, and signed up to a few courses; that although seemed a tad silly with my experience, turned out to be absolutely priceless in return!

I, after no real structure/calendar for many years; learned to be at my desk early each morning, daily, and work all day, and a good portion of the night as well; this had given me the routine, and the determination to succeed.

How? Was it all just my acting on my own devices? NO! It was thanks to Writing 101, Blogging 101, and various other courses, of which some were already ongoing academic ventures.

I found I was enjoying every minute of my days now, and creating; being productive, reaching an audience, had peers and was generally building in confidence again.

I had known for decades that I could form an idea or story from anything and everything around me; yet, now I also know that I can indeed ‘Write’ about anything and everything!

I have brushed up on my grammar, (a work in progress);  on spelling, and punctuation, although the US English still tries to be dominant in my computer! I have re-learnt writing techniques; some online formatting; asserted myself in trying new approaches, and voices too. I have even had some therapeutic phases with using my personal anecdotes to achieve certain tasks, or write certain assignments.

In conclusion; I would highly recommend ‘anyone’ of ‘any’ experience regards writing, to take this mini course as a refresher.



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2 Responses to Wrapping up ‘Writing 101’

  1. Wow, amazing to hear this. thanks for posting!

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