Poetry Postbox ~ Ancient Child Within

Graphein Freelance



Artwork by: Catrin Welz Stein

“Upon seeing this image today, I was reminded of a tiny book of images, consisting of pretty Victorian attire on little girls; naturally, it was quite normal in those days to have books filled with gender conforming imagery, to please little girls with images and dreams of what they were to be; nowadays its a fine line between Feminism and Genderism, but seeing this image brought back happy dreamy memories, whilst I flicked through that pretty pink book of images and anecdotes as a young girl”

~ Ancient Child Within ~

As a young girl, I could always see

The between-the-lines of synchronicity

Always feeling older than my years

As witness to much in dreams and fears

Memories oft with out-dated clothes

Victorian ruffles, with laced boots from calf to toes

Parasols twirling, in heat and rain

Petty-coats floating under dress train

Were these my past-lives…

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