‘Woof Wednesday Waffle’

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That’s right! It’s nearly that time again…

…Big Bird Day, Crimbo, Wule, no, wait, Yule.

As you can see from this lovely Flashback photo, I get in the whole Woof spirit of it all; I also eat way too much food; as one suspects happened just prior to this photo 😕

However, Mummy always makes certain, no bird skins, bones, fats, onions, garlic or chocolate get near me…not that I dont spend the entire time trying of course…woof!

Woof Yeah…almost forgot; I had the best, most eventful morning this Saturday gone; I heard Mummy woken by that rather peculiar, and most aloof furbutt critter; so, excitedly, I did my Good Morning appreciation, which still doesn’t seem to make Mummy happy, but hey! I’m a dog, so I woof…well, after a time, I know Mummy must be on her way, I recognise the creeky noises and that waterfall she hides near her bedroom; well, next, all I hear is some rather strange noises and even more strange words, as she is seemingly loudly trying to make someone, or something understand her current mode of displeasure.

Turn’s out, as Mummy screams a word for word account of the situation going on upstairs; (which I really don’t get…besides I’m still trying to find the courage woof to tell her I left a lovely gift for her on the lounge floor, and even decided to create a work of art with it!) so, apparently, with eyes still foggy, and in a rush due to my woof, which she calls demands, Mummy went to grab her half full cup with last nights tea in it; but her hands being funny as they can be at times, didn’t quite make contact…ensued a spilled puddle of sticky wet tea, which also managed to cover the multi-media format dvd player and TV; so there was Mum, lifting huge TV over her head, and wiping under the machines, as she gave me her account of things, rather loudly…I’m still needing to pee, so naturally, I’m still woofing my heart out.

Eventually, here was Mummy…her face said it all, I decided to shut up, and park butt. As the artwork, was seemingly not a Jackson Pollox after all, but rather it and I were a Little B*ll*x!

I didn’t get to spend much time with Mummy for the rest of the day, I started to feel sad, as I realised Mummy had taken ill.

I don’t mean to be a naughty woof; which reminds me…Dear Wanta, I woofy don’t wean to we a bad woof…

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