The ‘Magic’ Poem



Magic Forest by ivany86 on DeviantArt


Magic; Magick; Spirit; or Faith

Who am I to say it takes place
Yet know this; Its evidence far
Whether from Deity or from a jar

Magic is Magickal, whichever way we see
Is it real? It is to me
The waking up at each new Dawn
The procreation of each new spawn
The rising Sun, he’s a God you know
The Goddess Moon, she rises aglow
The Prayer, Mantra or even a Spell
The Sparkles of Christmas and Jingle Bell
The crisp cold Snowflake, upon our nose
The swelling of waves, as ocean flows
The tree whose leave’s have gently left
The tears that crying has streaked us wept
The Miracles, The Magic, Bunny, Wand or Dove
Some would say, All you need is Love
Mother Nature, Magick Be
She who aided the Magick in me
Gave me strength, and sanity
To untie the boundaries

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5 Responses to The ‘Magic’ Poem

  1. Very delightful! I love the line about untying the boundaries!

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