On Second Thought…

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Image Taken from 1966 Movie: Seconds

Please Sir, I want some more ~ Oliver Twist

On Second thought;

Whether Second helpings; Seconds of Time

Seconds my clothes; Seconds to Rhyme

60 Seconds; 30 Seconds To Mars

Less than a Second, Shooting Stars

In a Second; Seconds late

He came in Second; Father berates

It only takes a Second; To be Polite

In that Split Second, She saw her whole Life

In a Jiffy; In a Flash; 15 Seconds to make a Dash

Second child; Sibling Be

First now Free, displays Jealousy

Second queued; Second Place

2 Seconds to see his Face

Those last Seconds will always Count

Regardless the Seconds previous Amount

Today try using Seconds wisely

No longer allowing them to fly-by

Be in the Now, as the saying Goes

For anything can happen Seconds Shows.

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