Illusion of Freedom

Graphein Freelance



Freedom by mhyr on DeviantArt

True freedom is tolerant. It gives people the right to live and think in new ways.


Freedom is in the hands that hold it, nowhere else is it found

For that same hand that feeds us, keeps us down on the ground

Poverty increases, whilst families lose their homes

Warmonger’s Billions, look where it is thrown

Freedom they say they fight for, losing many lives

Freedom doesn’t exist, not through layman’s eyes

Every Country with borders, even travel interupt

All in the name of Freedom? No, in the name of the corrupt

How can there be Freedom, when one can’t come and go

Freedom to choose, when restricted to a ‘say so’

The Freedom to live, no longer a life

When we are told what, where, when and who

Even told who can be or not a Wife

Freedom has…

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