Prejudice Hand in Hand



~ The following work was inspired by the prejudice nature of accumulating certain labels, placed with a stereotypical assumption, governed by social conformity, conditioning, pious governmental and societal strategies ~


Prejudice Hand in Hand 

©Dorn Simon-Sinnott

Hand in Glove
Rock ‘n’ Roll, Drugs
Junkie, Gay, with Aids
Black, Puerto Riccan, Crime
White Man, however, Fine
Mental Health, Self induced Death
Aristocrasy, Politics, equals high Wealth
Billions spent, on weapons Stealth
Poorest of the poor, lowest Health
Mini skirts, Whores they Must
War, Terrorism, Retaliation Unjust
Lipring, Black khol, Morbid Be
Tailored Suit, Gentlemen, See?
Loud, Outspoken, She must be a Joke
Manic, Success, must be on Coke
Hermit, Alone, He’s just Depressed
Classy, Creative, Intellect, Impressed
Drives a Porche, Rich of Course
Student in University, A Drunken Hypocrisy
Sexually assertive, Slapper it Makes
No-one allowed to be themselves for God’s Sakes

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2 Responses to Prejudice Hand in Hand

  1. calmkate says:

    Very Powerful! Appreciate your sentiments, well done

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