Fur Purr Beloved



Fur Purr Beloved

©Dorn Simon-Sinnott


Swimming through a pool of Beloved’s
Wincing and twitching, reminiscing
Who is the most Beloved of all
This was a most difficult call

A deep sea full, yet empty still
Human Beloved’s, Husband too
Idols of Nature, God’s, Goddesses
Musicians dear to my Heart

Yet, most Beloved? Where do I Start?
Then it came to me, promptly Put
As your nag-wag call with paws Afoot
Came in to say, Oi! You know it’s Me
Meowing to herself so Pleasingly

My best friend for eleven Years
Walking beside me, through Fears and Tears
Furbutting linen, from Wishy-wash
Life without you will be so Dross

Lolan, you are my Beloved Star
You even gave birth to my beautiful Babies
Our joint Beloved’s Buffy, Raven, Squeak, Tabatha, Baldy and Sheba
Queen Blackie Heff, the Latter

In my struggled existence, you my one Consistent
Unconditionally loving me, never too far Distant
Your very being has helped me Survive
Your nag-wag needs kept me Alive

Your are pretty, and crazy, with kitty Rumbles
You love to play ‘let’s make Mummy Stumbles’
Your affection has always topped them All
You are indeed my Beloved Furball.

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9 Responses to Fur Purr Beloved

  1. Amazing how they creep into our hearts!

  2. My two fur babies died 8 years ago with a week of each other. It is only within the last year or two that I can think of them without getting an empty feeling somewhere inside of me. Socks kept me company during long days of depression as I lay on my bed, her in my arms. Sassy was simply a part of me. After vowing not to, I now have a new cat. Buddy has his own place in my heart without displacing Socks or Sassy.

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