Woof Wednesday Waffle

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Woof again, in my ‘Wwha’ expression as it’s that time again, to be sheared, cleaned and clipped…the bath is one thing, I digress.

I am perfectly happy to keep my woof niff, my scruffy, in my eyes Grebo look, my wadded paws are a technique mastered; yet, here we go again…somehow Mummy thinks fresh, white and fluffy is more respectable…woof to that!

A rather boring week gone, much of that grubby grey, wet weather, gives off my coat that lovely sulphur rotten eggy smell I love to rub off all over everything; Mummy going behind me with that spicy apple spray, woof-yuck.

The furry thing has crept closer of late, sleeping under the stairwell, closer to me than Mummy…I suspect my hypnosis has been working!

The big bright green peeing post has yet to go up, Mummy declaring its due to the big clean up needed first, but I heard that man throw post in the window, hearing it has my name on it, so I hope its that big doggy I’ve been woof-dreaming.

Not much woof to report…but wishing you all a Woofy Wishmuss.

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  1. I have nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. You are under no obligation to nominate anyone else. However I have nominated six bloggers whose posts I enjoy and who contribute to the blogging community through their commenting. Rules are posted on my site https://wonderfulwordsblog.wordpress.com/2015/12/16/1704/

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