I Bid Adieu, To You, and You, and You!

Graphein Freelance


Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.

~ Henry David Thoreau ~


Farewell ~ © Ivan Aivazovsky

I Bid Adieu, To You, and You, and You!

©Dorn Simon-Sinnott

Farewell; what a meaningful Word

It being one of the two words most Heard

Within a lifetime, so many Goodbye’s

Even the last words in which we Cry

Adieu; Au Revoir; Adios

Always say it no matter the Cost

We never know if it be our Last

When it’s heartbreaking, it’s never too Fast

Goodbye; Ciao; Sayonara

Wishing return not much Farther

See you later, Alligator, in a while, Crocodile

Always replays memories with a Smile

Auf Wiedersehen; Slán; Zbogom

Final Farewell, in a Stairwell

Curtain Call, as coffin Crawl

Soul departed, Lover broken Hearted

Feeling the end, yet not where it Started

Hello always means there is a Goodbye

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