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© Dorn Simon-Sinnott 2016

It’s easier to force feed people than it is to give ’em what they want.
It makes more money.
– Merle Haggard

Feed; No, fed; No, fed upon; Yes.

Feed, or Food? Fed, or Bled?

Fed Alive, or, Fed Dead…

Eaten Alive; Alive and Well,

Down in the Darkest Corners Dwell.

Feed; how many meanings can we grow; from the word Feed we know?

Food for Thought; here goes…

…Feed, food, thought, blood, energy, consumption, greed, gluttony, inspiration, positive, negative, vampire, starvation, psychological, depravation, depression, anger, knowledge, lies, a line, news, information, communication, lust, sex, want, drugs…all Feeds, all Musts.

To feed; one can feed to eat, to stave from deplete;

Feed to fuel, to do a day’s gruel;

Feed to satiate a given thirst, like energy feeder’s, who’s presence a curse;

Feeding one’s thought’s, and energies;

Feeding on other’s if you please;

Feeding on…

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