Happy New Year…What if it’s Not?

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Happy New Year…What if it’s not?

© Dorn Simon-Sinnott 2016.

Yes…January is well under way, and New Year has passed.

Unless one lives by the Lunisolar Calendar used by the Chinese; whom celebrate New Year’s in 2016, on February 8th.

Being this year, the Year of the Fire Monkey.


You can read more about their Traditional New Year Practises here.

So; Happy New Year…What if it’s not?

Let’s ponder that a moment.

Do we mean what we say? Is it mere platitude to even think that statement, much less say it? Do we actually feel it, absorb its endeavouring meaning? Can everyone whom registers the date, actually declare it to be true, or even muse whether it could be elsewhere?

I often wonder how does this tradition truly sit with people; yes, it’s a tail-end of a celebratory, family gathering trend, and yes, within the Gregorian Calendar it…

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