Another Dysphoric Rambling

A piece I wrote in a fit of reflective, despair back in 2010…thought it was worth revisiting, re-blogging if it may help another! I have certainly taken my own soul-searched advise since it was written, so writing is therapeutic indeed.

The Writer Behind DornDryad's Blog

Another dysphoric rambling…

Who can we truly rely on if we are unable to rely on ourselves?

Does it necessarily follow that we are to be left abandoned, dysphoric and uncomprehending?

I always seem to find myself in this uncompromising position at the very time when all else has already failed me, or I, myself have failed me, in the simplest of responsibilities, i.e. Making certain there are fair amounts of food for myself and pets in the house, or cash enough in my purse for bread from the local (so called) shop and suchlike.

Perhaps in my foresight of feeling something is a-brewing I somehow manifest this scenario, over and over again?

Or is it simply a mocking game that is continuously played with my life, if it can be called as such.

I, for one realise the negativity that oozes from me on a daily basis, it is…

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