Congratulations Prydein Press on the Launch

Graphein Freelance

Graphein Freelance wish to congratulate Tara Sanchez and team on the Launch of their Publishing Business ~

Prydein Press ~ The Magic of Words

New Publishing Houses are always an exciting concept, therefore when a Launch takes place, it is delightful to witness.

There are so many Writers out there in the Blogosphere, Authors Tent, Hobbyist dabblers in Prose, Poets, Bards and the like…

…often with no real access to publishing their works, least of all having their works read, by professionals. So the more the merrier when it comes to Publishers, with as wide a niche as possible, to cater the creative endeavours with a published result. These days having an Agent is reserved for the Bestsellers, or those with the capitol to invest in their writing career; the rest of us continue to create, to publish as best we can, Self Publishing has taken off rather well in the…

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