Ride the Helter Skelter In My Mind ~ Selected Poetry

Now Available in PDF Format ~ A Wider User Friendly Version ~

The eBook is finally here!


So, after far more tweaks to formatting than should be required for an eBook, and following specifications for both KDP and Lulu, the eBook taster of Selected Poetry has been Published via Lulu…

…yet, still somehow seems to of converted completely different to my Calibre, Word, ePub, et al…alas! (Hopefully not completely skewwhiff or off cue :-?)

Learning curve; with a price on top, as it would of become $0.00 for me after costs…so we will see how it goes, for a First Edition of my work.

Next time I feel a Print Version/Paperback is warranted, as it takes the same amount of formatting and editing either way.

Plus who knows, a Publisher may just like my other works! As I have three submissions about to wing their way over to a new Publishing business called Prydein Press.

For now please consider my first actual published works under my name solo.

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