Monogenes ~ New Novel Teaser

Monogenes ~ Its Greek meaning is often applied to mean “one of a kind, one and only”. However, the biblical more modern term relates it as meaning “Only Begotten” as in the label applied to Jesus  “Only Begotten Son”.


A Sci-Fi Novel


Dorn Simon-Sinnott

©2016 Dorn Simon-Sinnott





Devlin Black was born in 1592 ED. (MDXCII)

A Leap year starting on a Wednesday.

The same year that Trinity College, Dublin was founded; the year Pope Clement VIII succeeded Pope Innocent IX, as the 231st Pope.

1592 saw a mass conversion to Catholicism, including the future King of France Henry IV. Many Battles were fought far and wide across the globe; with an influx of births, that were to become painters, poets, inventors.

Yet, here, Devlin Black is seated, in a park, in 2016…





In other NEWS:
* My first Novel, “Goethe Manor” A Gothic Novel – which was written in 1999-2000 is soon to be rescued from my ancient defunct Win98 PC to be sent to my publisher’s as a Book Proposal.
* I have had a recent Book Proposal accepted, and am undergoing the Terms as I type, so watch this space for upcoming news of “Hymn a Day To Ἑκατη”.
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