“ABC Hymn to Ἑκατη “


“ABC Hymn to Ἑκατη”


Io Ἑκατη Angelos;

Divine Messenger, Seer

Io Ἑκατη Brimo;

Fiery, Angered, Feared

Io Ἑκατη Chthonia;

Subterraneous, Earth Liminal Guide

Io Ἑκατη Dadouchos;

Torch-bearer, Shining Bright

Io Ἑκατη Eukoline;

Calm, Good-tempered, Delight

Io Ἑκατη Pheraea; *

Thee who brings me Forth

Io Ἑκατη Genetyllis;

Helped Birth me to this path of Course!

Io Ἑκατη Hegemonen;

Continues to be my Guide,

Allowing me to walk with Pride

Io Ἑκατη Indigo; **

Dark, Alluring, Deep

Io Ἑκατη Justice; ***

For such you Oversee

Io Ἑκατη Kleidouchos;

Keeper of the Keys,

Which unlock your Mysteries

Io Ἑκατη Limenoskopos;

At my Threshold you Stand

Io Ἑκατη Megiste;

Greatest One of All,

Who gives a helping Hand

Io Ἑκατη Nyktipolos;

Night-wandering through the Trees

Io Ἑκατη Ourania;

You are the Cosmos,

Which my hands reach out to Praise

Io Ἑκατη Phileremos;

Solitude you Crave

Io Ἑκατη Queen;

Anassa you are to your Devotees

Io Ἑκατη Rhododactylos;

Phalanges like a Rose

Io Ἑκατη Soteira;

My Saviour, Hades knows!

Io Ἑκατη Tymbidia;

Sepulchral as She goes

Io Ἑκατη Ultimate; ****

Your aspects high, deep, and Wide

Io Ἑκατη Voukolos;

Tend your Bulls with Pride

Io Ἑκατη Witch Queen;

Your Cult still pushing Forth

Io Ἑκατη Xenia; *****

Welcoming your Worth

Io Ἑκατη Yellow-robed;

Saffron hues Bestowed

Io Ἑκατη Zerynthia;

Your mountain cave Beholds.

Hail Ἑκατη!

  1. *Phonetic; **Dark – Not Epithet; *** Justice- Hekate historically was noted for her justice, vengeance; **** Poetic use; ***** Poetic use.

Taken from the forthcoming book:

‘Hymn a Day to Ἑκατη’ Devotional Hymns for 365 Days

©Dorn Simon-Sinnott

All Rights Reserved

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