‘My Special Day in May’ 2009

‘My Special Day in May’


©Dorn Simon-Sinnott

Published in Isis-Seshat

Issue #25 ~ Brigantia

March 2010

Vol. 7 No.1.

 Castle courtyard

It was Bealtaine, the Fire Festival of May

The weather quite temperamental that day

The Sun God sat high in the sky

Whilst the clouds burst open, downpours of water fly

Early for my festivities, the inn door was locked

There I was lost, and wet, dripping in my frocks

I was guided to walk up Clonegal Castle Lane

So awe inspiring it was, even in the rain

I came upon theatre doors luckily ajar

In I went to shelter, other guests not far

Soon after I hear a voice

“Hello, anybody here?”

I felt I’ve to answer, I have no choice!

“I am early I shouted out”, peering around the theatre door

It was Lady Olivia, the Rt. Rev to all

The one whom inspires, and leads the festivals ceremony call

It was yet to be the time for guests

When realising, this is what came next

“Oh jolly good; we can go finish watching Star Trek”

Amazed at this, as Lady Olivia continued to say,

“Would you like to join me in my private quarters?”

“To keep warm and dry, it’s Star Trek Weekend on TV Sky”

I was honoured at the generosity, and amused by the thrill of glee

I hadn’t really thought of Lady Olivia watching TV

Let alone being a Trekkie!

I followed her in with much appreciation and awe

Was offered tea and a chair, once the closing of chamber door

It was so comforting and rather fun

To sit watching Star Trek, with a Lady, a real one!

It reminded me of my youth, whilst sat with my elders

Whilst they too were amused by broadcasts

My admiration soared, quite steadfast

I shall never forget this day

It will be reminded now at each May

How I was so honoured, to sit with Lady

Forever grateful, at such kind display.

©Dorn Simon-Sinnott – All Rights Reserved

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