Temple of Love Beauty Truth ~ Part II

Temple of Love Beauty Truth ~ Part II

‘A Personal Reflection’

40th Anniversary Celebration

Fellowship of Isis ~

Clonegal/Huntington Castle


Vernal Equinox 2016

©Dorn Simon-Sinnott

Priestesses Clonegal Temple FOI

Where to begin?

Even by living in close enough proximity of the Castle Temple, I had thought I would not be able to attend this Honorary Celebration Weekend; however, as the time was closing in, I was gifted with a step closer by the day, as suddenly my spirit screamed, “I must go”; as Olivia drew closer in communion, then as I was blessed with the sale of some jewellery to pay for my place at the Anniversary; leaving only the transport issue, which was kindly offered by a fellow Lyceum Sister , newly Ordained Priestess Regina Brady.

“I’m going!” I was finally able to tell myself.

Thus began the intricate planning, of tending my health, as I was in a full blown blue inflammation flare at the time, knowing I would need to reduce this, for pain to ease, and a semblance of walking could be acquired.

This I am happy to report, was successful to the point of attending, enjoying, and making it through all on my own feet, bar the use of a Parasol, a Priestess’ arm to lean on at times, then with a gifted Hiking Stick.

I know, this isn’t exactly adding literary flair, but it is the nuances I wish to stitch together in this personal reflection.

The week leading up to this gathering, had blessed us here in Ireland, with a rare glimpse of sunshine, and though it remained chilly about the gills, it was an uplifting start to Spring.

Aiding in preparations I am certain, especially for me, as I decided my wardrobe, jewellery, and set about reddening my grey with Henna to assert my once natural Redhead.

I began closer Devotional work, with the weekend ahead in mind, and had Daemonia Nymph as my personal soundtrack, whilst I too, continued to write my recently accepted manuscript for publishing; a great lead up indeed.

Saturday 19th March 2016.

Day One

Up and Adam after a relatively good sleep, from the early night I allowed myself.

As I stared out at grey skies, I asked Helios to please grace us with his presence this day…He did, he just did it behind a clouded sky!

Luckily my George Woof had been a good boy, and remained so, as he wasn’t too repetitive in his woof shenanigans this day, allowing me to focus on the getting myself ready.

The drive was pleasant, not too long, Regina had a calming effect, as we arrived at the village, then turned to take the Castle driveway, up the long Daffodil lined lane, spying first the majestic Castle, round then to the Ewes in the field, to the car-park where a few had already arrived; obviously those organising it had already gotten all systems go…

Upon parking we were immediately greeted with old friends calling “Hi”, as they unloaded their cars and put on their Ritual Robes, simultaneously, the further afield visiting Priesthood/Members also walked over to introduce themselves, as I had previously requested, as I knew I would not be carrying my two pairs of specs around, so it was Linda with Lesley saying their first meet Greetings.

As we enter the Courtyard, an opened arms Welcoming committee greet us, with delight, as for some it has been many months, or years since seeing each other, the courtyard filling also with the resident Hens, the electric blue chest male Peacock with his green hues feathered out in a train like that of a Bride’s Wedding Dress.

Into the Café, to find the Coffee/Tea/Specialist Teas all laid out with tiered cake displays for the offering, with biscuits also, a welcome sight to those having travelled, or missed breakfast, as I had done.

Minette Quick sat one side of this foyer with the sign-in book, as Cressida Pryor sat cosily on a thick shag covered chair, with the basket of beads, and ribbons afore her, of which she was administering to every guest, as a gesture of Welcome, Unity, with Goddess Blessings attached, a tied wrist ribbon with a chosen bead.

As more arrived, one began to witness the joy in the faces all around, with the option of sitting outside, though it was extremely chilly, or to browse the goodies the wee shop had on offer, including a large selection of works by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Olivia Robertson, with the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy Booklets also available to purchase, some delightful local Author’s works, Nature books, a set of lovely rendition postcards of the Founder’s, and of course odd bits’n’bobs…it is amazing how much was on offer in the tiny Tea Room Shop.

Forethought of the postcards, as well as a leaflet mapping out specific Shrines in the Temple, and laminated program for the day on each table was one of those details many events leave by the wayside or forget altogether!

I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time Caitlín Matthews, an Author, Thespian, Scholar/Teacher I had long admired the work of; she was instantly warming, most helpful, as I gained assisted knowledge in Ancient Greek pronunciation, of my written ‘Hymn to Ἑκατη’.

I was incredibly thankful, and delighted to meet her. I then turned to meet Philip Carr-Gomm, another Author/Teacher well known of whom I had always wanted to meet.

The Theatre was adorned with celebratory wares, beautiful coloured Ritual cloths, round tables covered with silky tablecloths; the stage centred with a lovingly framed photograph of Olivia, a candle lit afore it in her honour, with one of her magnificent Egyptian Robes/Kaftans on a hanger, hooked upon a coat-stand, making it almost come alive, with a Podium at ready for the Speakers.

Along the length of the walls, were pinned delicately, ribbon framed Artworks, of Olivia Robertson’s creation, of which her recognisable unique brush-stroke stood out enticing us all to inspect them closer, then some equally wonderful, crisp-lined Artwork by Anna Currey accompanying these.

When one turned to see the balcony, it was covered in the most stupendously large depiction of a Winged Isis in full colour, a ‘gasp’ was all that one would expect, at its perfect addition, completing this devotional theme; it apparently only taking form mere days before at the creative hands of Pamela Currey.

I felt my senses on fire, as there was so much pleasing to the eyes, the heart, within these surroundings.

The atmosphere already infused with an air of divinity, as all were seated in a circumference circle around the Theatre, for the opening announcements, by Cressida Pryor, Steward of the Fellowship of Isis.

Onwards we began, with the Opening Ceremony, calling all directions, the Elements, Invoking Deity, inviting our Founder’s Spirits to be with us whilst we honour them, and give our thanks, (at which Olivia most obliged, made her presence known as she flitted into the space in Butterfly form, continuing to do so throughout the day; by my witness I could swear she flitted past into the eye line of every single person in attendance, as a way to greet them, most reminiscent of Olivia in times past), then the setting of intentions, the focus of the weekend, and so it is/was.

The Theatre needing a quick re-arrange, we took the time to use the facilities or take refreshments; however, I perused the shop, chatted with other guests and friends alike.

The first Speaker of the weekend, was Caitlín Matthews, whom I had long since wished to hear giving a Talk, her theme reflected on and was entitled ‘The Love of the Goddess and the Worship of the Gods’, which she delivered most eloquently, with articulation, she even opened up in song, like that of a King’s Court.

I enjoyed being witness to such display of interest from all parties, as we were all there with the same purpose, to honour the Founder’s and the Founding of the Fellowship of Isis, regardless of what went on out in the world this weekend, this was our purpose, with each guest playing their part, with their unique energies, participation, and audience praise, it was all the necessary parts of the whole, to the success of this weekend.

A room filled with Devotee’s of the Goddess, in their respective Faiths.

Artists, Author’s, Teacher’s, Scholar’s, Poet’s, Priests, and Priestesses, it was a most magnificent gathering of minds, bodies, and souls, not to mention gorgeous attire, uniting in rejoicing, the Fellowship from where it was founded, Huntington Castle, Clonegal, Ireland.

I was at home in these surroundings, having known many faces for near on two decades, and some renowned, I had known of, many years prior to that, the warmth from each member present was that of family, we were all of the same ilk, even though we each had our own creative individuality.

The first invite for Temple Reflection followed on from Caitlín’s interesting talk, I was delighted to take time to visit the Temple whilst it was less crowded, as later in Ceremony, it shall be…the scent of alluring, calming rose wafted into my nostrils the second I stepped over the threshold, to be met by the Goddess Nuit, with the image of our Cosmic Web, designed by Olivia. I entered for the first time the Prayer Tree Shrine, feeling the wishes taking form as they had been placed with intentions as ribbons on the lovely tree which almost filled the room, with a Mitre shaped window adding the light.

I chose my ribbon, said my Prayers, then attached my ribbon, high atop a branch, then exited to enter the Temple; of which I headed straight over to the Goddess Bast Shrine, to have my communion, prayers with the giant golden Bast statue, giving my thanks for her minding my cat Lolan, her feline Daughter, my feline Daughter, whom was diagnosed with CKD (Chronic Kidney Deficiency) two years ago, I thank Bast for her healing strength she offers my furbutt, and ask for continued Blessings of the same.

I then find myself walking down to the Star Chapel, to which a small plaque of the Goddess Hathor jumped out of the wall to me, as if to say, “don’t exit yet, look in here”, as I enter the tiny in space, yet enormous in love, Member’s Shrine, where the first image I see is Olivia with a German Shepherd in a photograph, the tears well up inside, I come over all emotional, I see so much love on these tiny walls, I see the Altar/Shrine within, though I am too focused on my emotions, not knowing until days later it was that of Medusa, and the Goddess Pallas Athena, dedicated to Olivia, an Altar that also connects us with the Vessel of the Seer;(you will no doubt see another synchronicity further on in this reflection, in day two, regards Medusa!) I turn, to see Luke behind me, a towering friend, in his tall form, yet gentle face; I admitted my emotional flood, as I walked out to Brigid’s Well.

Having a walk about the Temple to ground myself, I decided to sit by the High Altar to meditate, the Temple began to have a flow of interested, no, awed walk ins, astonished they seemed at the pristine shine each Shrine had, as the Temple was so obviously well loved, cared for, was cleaned regularly, thus shiny, adorned delightfully.

Lunchtime in the Theatre now a Dining room, with tables set, we being served fresh French baguette, butter, with trays of sandwiches of all varieties; one was impressed already with what had been on offer, the refreshments never-ending, on tap all day, when we were brought some most welcome, hot carrot/coriander soup, which I was really enjoying, eating up, as fresh flavoursome whole-food was a treat I fully intended on consuming!

Everything one could need, or want, was on offer, or served during this weekend event, it was truly well thought out.

After a substantial lunch, guests mingled, in spiral fashion, from table to table, chatting, introducing themselves, admiring the Artworks, and gaining a general feel for the day.

It was soon time to congregate for the Vernal Equinox Ceremony, starting with the Procession to the Temple, which took us down the Yew Walk, rather famed I might add, to the Rose Garden, a part of the walk I had never taken before, it was lovely, as we stepped over a small Brook, with the Sheep huddled in the neighbouring field, watching over us, the Rose Garden was small, yet a place of pure beauty with the rolling hills, as a backdrop; it is here where we held Remembrance, before moving on back towards the Sacred Grove of the Druid Clan of Dana, I being offered the aid of Regina’s arm to link as I struggled on uneven ground, even though using the parasol as a makeshift walking stick!

The Grove was planted some 90 years ago by Olivia’s Father, now having the newest addition of a Birch tree planted in her memory beside it and the flowing river. Invocation of Deity by the members of the DCD took place as we look high up the tree-tops in awe of their height.

We now walked, or rather I hobbled, up to the Ancient Abbey, where the Noble Order of Tara invoke Deity, with a note of the additional Winged Isis stone plaque embedded into the stone wall. I must say here I always tend to feel slightly odd, the mixture of energies over the Centuries is quite diverse, and it confuses my senses.

We now make way to Persephone, a Goddess close to my heart/h, as she is not only linked with my Goddess Hekatê, but she also lead me into my Initiation into the Lyceum of the Three Mother’s, therefore I honour her greatly, and her statue is simply divine, it is here Maureen asks permission to pass into the Temple gates.

The energies automatically change here, into that of pure dedication, humbled by the mere permission to enter herein. The Male energies in Andrew knocks on the Temple door to enter, as we all walk our way in, he too, rings the Temple Bell, depicting the opening of a Temple session or Ceremony.

Priesthood gather circular around the Well dedicated to Goddess Brigid, Invocations of Deity to be present during the proceedings are called, the water is drawn, then Blessed, a libation in offering to Brigid, and all invoked before the Priesthood walk around the Temple guests to offer them each a Blessing of the Gods, as song bellows out from glorious angelic voices.

I feel the presence of the Deity invoked, as Blessings reach me, it being different each visit, yet always welcomed.

The full Temple is always a tad tricky to manoeuvre, yet we forever manage to hold even more, such is the dedication of all involved, along with all in attendance.

The Oracle is always an auspicious moment for me, as like with everyone I am sure, it will always relate to a current element in one’s personal life or world, therefore almost appearing as spoken specifically for those hearing it, yet interpretation being matched to each individual need.

Fittingly so, Isis gave Oracle. I don’t know about others, but I can never remember past the Temple, that Oracle message that was given, yet at the moment of it being spoken, it means something so important, yet fleeting, as it is soon digested to another sphere of my consciousness.

We reflect, as Eimear Burke spins her fingers over her enchanting harp, producing siren-like alluring sounds.

Healing is offered in unison, to all those named aloud, along with the Earth, and the World as a whole.

Now, the time has come, for my Creative Offering; ‘ABC Hymn to Hekatê’, of which I had learnt the proper pronunciation’s mere hours before, as although I wrote it, plus many more like it, I had never actually heard all of the Epithets spoken in Greek or in Ancient Greek translations…therefore, I was nerve-wracked, on top of reading without spectacles, so it took all my focus, will, and determination to get it accurate, in honour of Hekatê, to read this aloud in Temple.

It filled me with such honour to do so, and the Temple seemed so quiet a pin could of dropped and been heard, such was the atmosphere; on each Epithet I felt the Temple’s power energy rising, it truly gifted me with this honour, it also opened my heart/h to the realisation, that I am ready, if not already, accepted to be a Priestess.

The Guided Journey narrated by Deirdre Wadding, was intensifying the feeling of journey for me, as this day I stood, finding the movement of walking difficult, yet the spiritual journey I had taken sabbatical from, suddenly began its steps forward once more, this path-working, aiding in those first continued steps.

The Mystery Play brought us all into a lighter note, though not by way of its theme exactly, that theme being of the Myth of Pallas Athena vs. Arachne, but in its heart-warmingly comic delivery.

We laughed, we applauded, Regina Blessed the Jellies, we ate said Jellies…offerings of Healing Sessions to follow in the Temple were volunteered, as the closing of the Ceremony was performed, with thanks given to all Deity invoked.

I headed straight to the Chapel of the Mother’s to receive a Healing from Olwen, who instantly was guided to my Heart Chakra, a most needed area that week, followed with my Root Chakra, always a Chakra in need, with a personal message from source, which I shall keep private, suffice it to say, it made perfect sense and was spot on, I only having met Olwen this day too.

Outside, Priesthood laughed, played, posed for photographs, to which I was delighted to join in the fun, getting photos taken with old friends, new friends, and two people I will forever consider Peers, Caitlín Matthews, and Philip Carr-Gomm.

Back in the Theatre the tables had been arranged for Dinner, of which we got up to get served in the Café area, it was a Chicken dish for meat-eaters, served with rice, couscous, or vegetarian type Ratatouille, we even had Apple Pie and fresh whipped cream for Dessert!

Well fed, watered, chatted out…it was the time of evening to move to the Night Court being held down in Osborne’s.

I only popping in to show face, and say my farewells for the day…until tomorrow!

End of Day One.

Reflections of Day Two are Forthcoming…


Sunday 20th March 2016

Day Two



Surprisingly, George Woof was again rather tame, plus had not added to his soiled spot of the evening before; it was a good bit warmer, though still chilly, with my nag-wag Lolan still grumpy from I leaving her to suffer the Woof for too long alone yesterday, so I gave her an extra bit of cuddle with extra renal pouch food.

I had faired rather well myself, putting this down to the excellent food the previous day, with a release of stagnation, in the participation of the celebrations.

So I was slightly quicker on my feet with much less pain, which naturally added to the bliss of this weekend.

Regina arrived, with a Hiking Stick for me to thankfully use today, as yesterday’s parasol may have been rather aesthetically pleasing, but it did tend to have me hanker down, more so hunched like!

The drive seemed far quicker this morning, with the clouds a brighter shade, almost iridescent in their wake, it had also remained dry, a huge plus!

We turned into the village of Clonegal, over the old picturesque bridge; we were rather early, therefore I suggested we go visit with Olivia graveside.

Forgetting it was Sunday, the Mass was in preparation at St. Fiaac’s Church, the car park filling up with Parishioners for Sunday Service.

We walked straight down, to one of the burial grounds; which we later learnt, was one of the oldest Church grounds, and was once a Druid Graveyard.

St. Fiaac’s Church (Moyacomb, Clonegal)

The site of this church has a long history, the building and grounds stand on the mound of an ancient dun or ring fort, surrounded by a deep fosse enclosed by a rath. The rath forms the boundary of the churchyard around the sloping sides of the ancient dun. Contained within is one of the oldest burial sites in Europe. Local tradition connects the site of this church with Druids. Christian churches were often built on such sites and a number of these churches are built roughly in on an east/west axis – echoing the practices of the Druids who observed the rising of the sun. The Druids also took note of the passage of the sun during the year and celebrated solar related festivals for the equinoxes and solstices. Dates of these pre-Christian pagan solar festivals were also kept by the monks and converted to holy days.

St. Fiaac’s Church overlooks the village of Clonegal and Clonegal Castle and the surrounding valley. The church buildings are Gothic in style and were erected in 1819 on the site of a former church that was dismantled because of massive disrepair.

Many, if not most of Olivia’s family were interred here, her plot next to her Brother Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, his Wife Pamela, Olivia’s Nephew David close by, with older generations further around the back of the Church, in a family plot, guarded by two huge Yew trees, which had a place in my Hekatean heart/h, particularly beings the first time I attempted to visit Olivia’s grave, solo I explored, assuming when finding gravestones marked with the names, Durdin, and Durdin-Robertson, that this was the right plot, ironically having found this long ‘after’ already having headed directly to the smaller section, whereby she actually had been laid to rest!

Hence, I felt it wasn’t quite right, so was talking aloud, saying “I wish not to leave my offering, in the wrong spot, however, your family are here”, to which Olivia replied, on the stillest of days that it was, with a huge gusting whoosh of wind through those Yew trees in the direction of where she lay!

So, back to this Sunday past; I was delighted to see a Gravestone had now been placed, it was only fitting after all, such a prominent figure as this Lady was, it also led to realising how close she was to her Brother’s resting place; it was lovely, as if a renewed graveside, to be present on such an auspicious weekend too.

As we set to leave, Regina stated I could keep the hiking stick as a gift, as I was obviously getting more use out of it, a small thing to many, a huge blessing and sweet gesture to me.

We moved back down the village towards the Castle with the rolling hills in view at the sides of us as we drove, today feeling lighter, more casual, relaxed.

Up the Castle driveway, turning towards the car-park, opposite the Courtyard, I was greeted by the young white hopping happy Spring Lambs, they were so playful, care-free, it set a mood of nature for the day just at the sight of their joyfulness; yet the wondrous sights were far from over as one spies the male Peacock in full open ended display, trying his best to seduce the Peahen, to which she was having none of it!

Never in my life had I witnessed this, his feathers spanned out almost a metre or more, his under fluff, fluffed to the fullest, his back end wide open, as he wiggled his butt, “my hump, my hump” you know the song, came to mind as I giggled at his display; deciding I must hobble over to film this, I do, or think I do! In fact I was only witnessing it, without filming it, as the camera phone video had stopped prior to my reaching him, unbeknownst to me, therefore on pressing stop, or so I thought, I merely caught a rather bland back-end photo of said Peacock!

Peacock Video Fail

He started backing himself closer in to me, to which I too, retreated rather sharpish…alas, the vision had been witnessed, and it had made my day…so I decided to (still thinking I had recorded it) do the same with the lambs, to which, first I walked straight bang into a web, with the usual freaked out reaction from me, so that they ran after their Mammy Ewe who warded them away from me, then I ‘not’ recorded once more, again, taking an insufficient photograph upon supposedly clicking stop video! *facepalm*

By the time I walked into the Courtyard, I had already had an adventurous morning, when met by the group congregating to do the walk to the new Sessile Oak Grove, for its Inauguration, in memory of the Founders on this the 40th Anniversary of the FOI.

I hopped into the foyer, to find yet again, many cakes, apple tarts laid out with refreshments, so I decided to grab a cup of tea and cake, when I was approached to be asked if I wished a lift closer to the Grove, as it is up to 20 minutes walk away; a gesture I certainly appreciated, as had I when the catering staff carried my dinner plate for me yesterday evening, yet I had been so refuelled by the nature already today, I decided I was not going to ‘stop walking’ until I simply could ‘no longer walk’, so I opted to hobble my way there, and was extremely proud of myself for doing so.

So here we are, I lagging tail-end, trying to catch up with attempted hopping, to meet the procession, heading far down through the Castle grounds acreage, towards what is called Ticky’s Island, a place favoured by Olivia, and Pamela Durdin-Robertson, in the past.

Walking through rugged landscape, riddled with sheep droppings, of which I had to laugh, at a) my traipsing happily through it, though it was awkward footing, and b) my stick landed centre of a huge blob, leaving me rather sheep scented for the rest of the day!

Happen upon a Goddess tree we came, the kind where a face or image of a Goddess is naturally present in the tree’s bark, so I fumble again with said phone camera, to fail, yet again.

walk to grove (2)

Not far off we arrive at a Commemoration Stone, reading “Grove of the Founder’s, In Memory of Lawrence, Pamela and Olivia, Opened on 40th Anniversary, 20.3.2016”.

Grove Commemoration Stone

Here we listen to Luke describe the setting up of this Grove, to which he planted, established, for this to become the Grove it is, asking all to be an interactive part of its Inauguration, so, asking volunteers for the roles. I took the role of Invocation of the Goddess, to which I had thought I would Invoke Hekate Chthonia, or Hekate Physis, but Deity had other plans, as often they do.

We walk circular around the Grove of Sessile Oak Tree’s, Native Species to Ireland, and encompass it; Luke then casts a Circle, with the Elements called in to guard it as we work within this newly established Sacred Grove. I invoked Demeter, who was far more apt for the occasion, and it felt right, not to mention it was simply her name that parted from my lips, with a recitation of her Daughter Persephone’s return; Tom invoked The Dagda; we all then joined in setting intentions for this Grove to thrive, be honoured, for hundreds of years to come; as we also gave praise to the Deity of Nature, Olivia’s family told stories of memories of this place, with Elinor Currey, and Melian Robertson talking of their Mother, and Aunt Olivia.

We clasped hands to unite as one Spiritually Sacred Circle, to fill this Grove with all the energies of honouring the Founder’s Spirits, the Grove Ceremony came to a close, as we said farewell to the Deities invoked, giving our thanks, along with releasing the Elements; photographs again were taken to mark the moment.

Heading back to the Castle, I was slightly more hobbled, but determined to just accept that what came, no longer pretending in pain, just crookedly carrying onwards. It seemed a far less journey back, yet simultaneously time stood still, or I felt I was in slow motion, a grounding I should expect, after all, the Grove was such an humbling experience for me, having not participated in a Grove Ceremony before, nor led by the Druid Clan of Dana; it was so Earthing, green filled energies of such strength, longevity; ancient lands filling new roots with nutrients, it was quite an experience, one which I fully connected to, now hoping to again one day be in Circle outdoors in such a way; truly healing in so many ways.

The walk back was filled with conversation, between new, and old friends.

Every blossom, leaf, tree, field, seemed to spring to new life, the Castle seeming more majestic upon each approach, it was truly magnificent to be here, breathing in this day.

Time was moving faster today, to a point where we were ushered in to the Theatre to hear Philip Carr-Gomm do his talk, entitled, “The Greatest of Gifts”, which you can hear the audio of, while reading a transcript of his talk, here:

Philip’s talk being delivered in a most heart-warming way, which gave a clear vision of what it must have felt like, to of been a young Philip, living here at Huntington Castle, with Olivia, Lawrence and Pamela, in 1971.

It enabled so much laughter, whilst weaving the connectedness, of both the Fellowship of Isis, and our Founder’s personalities together, as he described his personal account of the founding tale, that of the Founder’s vision, the birth seed, heard from the Founder’s mouths, of how it all began at a kitchen table with 7 seated around it, in 1976.

It was a lovely talk, one most fitting on this winding up, relaxed day.

To everyone’s surprise, particularly those long term Priesthood members at the Foundation Centre, longstanding members, Pat and Padraig walked in to the Theatre; most revered, their faces are remembered standing with Olivia in Temple, it felt so wonderful to see some of the older faces of times past, joining us this weekend, it was as if they received a standing ovation, in truth, they did.

Temple Reflection offered once more, or to walk the grounds, now that the chill had reduced, I stepped out to be met by Mr Peacock once more, a Tabby Pussycat, Otis the Bernese Mountain Dog, (I believe), and the tiny Dachshund waddling around us, it was a day to appreciate every little living thing.

Bast 2014

Bast Shrine 2014

I headed down to the Temple to inhale that glorious rose aroma at the entrance once more, again taking my place, leaning down as far as one could to hold communion with the Goddess Bast, regards my Lolan.


Oracle Chair 2009

Priesthood sat on golden thrones, that match the Oracle Chair, at the High Altar, as visitors take one last look around, knowing there was bound to be some wondrous detail they may have missed, as I take a seat to the side of the High Altar to reflect on the weekend thus far, meditating I hear all of the sounds I had heard over the years whilst in this Temple float into my ears singing softly, then voices as members take note of the changes since their last visit; after some time, it felt right to up and leave until my next visit.

Lunchtime…one only expected something light, after all, the amount of food that had been served us was astounding, though here again, we were offered a multitude of deliciously homemade choices, as vegetable quiche, turkey, ham, French dressing salads, balsamic salad, with a walnut couscous, were all added to my plate with a huge spoon of coleslaw to top it off nicely; water was on hand in bottles or jugs, whichever one preferred, we sat eating, and chatting heartily.

I recalled the conversations of the weekend, those discussing publishing books with Geraldine, and Luke, those regards health matters, other’s reminiscing over past Temple occasions, with Olivia; it was an engagement of variety, most stimulating to the senses, thoroughly enjoyable.

A deliciously gooey centred Meringue arrived to the table, topped with fresh cream (my favourite, though not my cholesterols!) and fresh fruits; the catering was divine, plentiful, all weekend, provided by Sugar and Spice, located in Bunclody Village, well worth a visit!

One would think after this lunch that nothing else would be sitting there waiting to be scoffed, alas, there sat the Black Forest Gateau, the Ginger Cake, the Refreshments, out in the foyer once more, to which again, I continued to indulge, waste not, want not, an ‘all that!

Olivia’s Butterfly form still graced our presence, as we all set about to be seated in Theatre again, after a short, even becoming sunny, break outside, to have some fresh air.

Now sat with Caít Branigan, and Caitlín Matthews, as we settle in to see the slideshow talk presented by the lovely Vivianne Crowley, entitled ‘The Black Madonna’s’; it taking us on somewhat of a Pilgrimage across much of Europe and farther afield, very interesting to see the conflations that have taken place over the Centuries.

This led nicely into the presentation of the Documentary screening, which was filmed at Huntington Castle, in Olivia’s private Quarters, the Grounds, in the Temple, back in 2009/10.

A yearlong project, documenting the life of Olivia, entitled, ‘Olivia: Priestess of Isis’, it can be purchased directly from Logic Reality here:

The documentary shows clips of when we were in Ceremony, in Procession, Naming Ceremonies, Blessings, with a day to day glimpse into the world of Olivia Robertson, capturing the pure essence, which was her unique blend, here on Earth.

Here also, Olivia was, flitting in and out of people’s eye-line in her Butterfly form, as we watched the screening, followed with a short Interview footage of the Circle of Brigid members, filmed more recently.

It was lovely to recognise the growth of the younger Temple attendee’s over the preceding years, to remember the days when I too were in attendance, during filming, how as we sat in Osborne’s, we were handed our release forms to sign, granting the use of the footage taken of us that day; such memories that year held for me personally, as I had direct experiences with Olivia, in her Quarters, of which you can read about here:

With time run out, we all scattered about, trying to fit in the last minute thanks to the wonderful Speakers, the Guests, the Organisers, the Family, the Venue, the Catering, as the closing Ceremony was held, rather impromptu, much in an Olivia fashion.

Yet, wait, we were not done, we still had that final one, the gift to which we each go home, with an Original painting of Olivia Robertson of our own, from those, which had been on display in the Exhibition…in no particular order nor favour, we were each handed a painting, to which I can clearly state, were much psychically manoeuvred by the Spirit of Olivia herself, at least I like to think so, as coincidences, in such environments as this, seem highly unlikely.

I was gifted Olivia’s painting of ‘Medusa’; remember the ‘Medusa’ Altar experience with Olivia in the ‘Day One’ reflections above? Yup, synchronicity Numero Uno, as there’s more further down!

End of Day Two at the Castle…

…That evening at home, with so many messages from Spirit, those synchronicities I was talking about…

…I posted this to Caít’s Facebook timeline in awe…

“One of those moments, I had to share, after such an influx of messages, Divine communion, between Olivia taking Butterfly form to join us in Spirit, to Demeter taking the place of who I had thought to invoke, my artwork being of Medusa, all symbolically crying aloud, I finally put kettle on and opened up my phone…there open, on my home screen, was my poem detailing my personal experience with Olivia that year in her private quarters with Star Trek!! *(See above link)

This, I was not even aware was on or retrievable via this phone, after a second of bewilderment, I realised, “Olivia!” As moments afore, I had framed her Medusa painting! I am truly touched at every second spent this weekend, thank you my dear Mentors, Caít, Deirdre Wadding, thank you Caitlín Matthews for your warmth, knowledge, thank you to all, as ‘all’ made it the success and memorable experience it was” xXxX

** NB: I have since searched my phone, my files within that phone, and all website caches, to be even more bewildered to find ‘No Trace’ of said poem which was written in 2009, especially in that device, in fact, it took me nearly two hours, to even hunt it down online, in order to blog it, for it to link to this article!

It truly was a message from Olivia, in spirit. I have No Doubt whatsoever.

My parting words on the night of the 20th March 2016 were thus:

“Blissfully in my bed after the most wonderful weekend, thanking Regina Brady, Caít Branigan, Pamela Currey, Deirdre Wadding, Eimear Burke, Minette Quick, Cressida Pryor, for such an offering in memory of Olivia, Lawrence, and Pamela, for all your hard work, for to touch our souls as this weekend has, I am feeling Spiritually renewed, Energetically refreshed, Blessed to be a part of such an auspicious celebratory moment in time.

Well fed (thank you Sugar and Spice catering), indebted to (and slightly star-struck by!) Caitlín Matthews; delighted to of met Philip Carr Gomm; meet Fellow members from across the pond; to have presented the ‘Creative Offering’, of one of my Hymns to Hekatê; I am beyond words at Invoking Goddess Demeter at a newly established Oak Grove marking the 40th Anniversary of FOI – the whole outdoor Ceremony such a rebirthing/grounding experience, thank you Luke.

You can read my ‘Creative Offering’, “ABC Hymn to Hekatê”



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