Book Review: Secret Medicines from Your Garden ~ Ellen Evert Hopman

Graphein Freelance

Secret Medicines from Your Garden

~ Ellen Evert Hopman

Review by Dorn Simon-Sinnott


The variety of written works Hopman has produced, could house a bookshelf in itself; reaching into the wise old knowledge bases of many traditions, both Spiritual, and Medicinal.

Being a novice Forager, Herbalist, I tend to slowly get to know the landscape plants, herbs, and weeds, prior to consuming, whether as food, teas, or tinctures.

This can be a daunting task, as one needs a good memory, and a notebook to confer; Alas! This volume of work by Hopman, has given me the perfect companion on my walks, and in my own garden!

It being seasonal in its composition, it is always an easy book to open just where one needs to open it; unlike other field guides where one spends more time flicking pages than actual learning or identifying!

It gives sp. Latin variants of…

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