Behind the Veil


Where’s she been? What’s she up to?


To answer simply;

At a computer the most part, Writing; Creating; Deadline prepping for Publishing…

…with a dash of Nature Trailing, Activism, Poetry Slamming, Gig Going, and oh yeah, another side-line…


Intuitive Insights; which you may have heard about…which also shares offers, insights, with a community on the FB Page

…Helios; below, is the Greek Sun God whom is the Guardian of the Intuitive Insights endeavour…Shining like a beacon.




…Well now there’s a YouTube Channel too!

Where you will find FREE HEALING Videos to benefit you and give you a Sampler/Taster of the work I do in this area.


Now, back to the main reason for my absence…

I am nearing completion of my latest book, which will be in around an average of 400 pages.


Not to worry, it is a Devotional, poetically written, Hymns Book.

In antiquity, Worshippers, Suppliants, Devotees, Supplicants, Followers…Wrote, offering up Hymns to their Deities, at times of importance, Ritual Days, Feast Days.

Enter in my modern equivalent.

Hymn a Day to Εκάτη ~ Devotional Hymns for 365 Days

Forthcoming: 2016

Being Published by Prydein Press.

Author contract signed. Soon to appear on the website.

This is not my first venture into published works…as Local Newletters, Rural Rags have included my works, alongside Anthologies, one of which was published by Avalonia

This work too was a Devotional offering to the Goddess Hekate titled; Hekate: Her Sacred Fires.

I dabbled into eBook territory also, publishing a Poetry Sampler:

Ride the Helter Skelter In My Mind ~ Selected Poetry.

I write daily, a recent form that I have adopted is in the Flash/Slam Poetry style…

…yet, an almost finished Gothic Novel of 900 pages, which I suspect to become a series of three, is written Auld English style.

So duplicity forever Reigns!

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