Serpent’s Kiss



I’m so impulsive yet need to stop

Else all will fail, cease and drop

The things I learn are tougher still

It’s truly an arduous climb on this hill

Let go of Impulse, Control, Expectations and Fear

Who could believe anything be left here

Alas there I am behind all these shields

Standing raw and open, bleeding and peeled

With more hope and life than ever before revealed

Shedding a skin is a painful yet beautiful thing

When one can turn to face it and glare deep within

See the raw form and accept it as is

No glossing it up, no pretty, no frills

Kundalini began rising inside

A Serpents Kiss I could not hide

Reptilian in my alien self

Time to reveal the core of me and her wealth

For I am like all humankind

Full of flaws, yet also kind

I will not stop learning to be

The betterment and best of me

©2017. Dorn Simon

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