Embrace the Light ~ Bask in Sol


Embrace the Light, Bask in Sol

Sol Invictus
Unconquered Sun
Burned so brightly
Infusing One
Opened my eyes
Light did pierce
Reflecting prisms, so fierce
So much holy given light
Set my world in fright
Defenses kicked in
Sabotage did begin
From sheltered dark
To sudden spark
All Hail
The broken shards
All one could see
When reflecting in thee
Was cracks yet to be sealed
The hurts not yet healed
That shining Sun
Most unconquorable One
Lit the Torch
Whence I got scorched
Such beauty and gift
Yes brought huge shift
Of which I should bask
In healing light
Release the fright
Let go of pain
Embrace the Sun
Most loving One
With Open Arms
Let Love Reign

©2017. Dorn Simon

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