Image: tavomontanez.tumblr.com




Tendrils lovingly wrapped around
Slowly tightening that which bound
Needing the force to come detached
Allowing the natural eggs to hatch

Not dependent, nor other’s life hide
Face my own, face up with pride
Know my limits, needs and wants
99 to 1, yet 1 the point

Swimming in a pool of dreams
Sometimes not all what it seems
Teased with beauty, wishes galore
Yet, still that missing piece afore

In my mind, or broken world
Hard to tell as emotions hurled
Knowing only that familiar sting
Of isolation, a restrictive thing

Oft with a suggestive fix
Remains a recipe without the mix
Dry in mouth, hard to swallow
This bitter pill, I take tomorrow.

©2017. Dorn Simon.
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