Pushing Boundaries


Pushing boundaries just like a kid

Guilty of this I must admit

The inner hurt child still exists

Now I know I can hug her a kiss

Time to heal and grow out of pain

These are the things that sadly remained

Opened my eyes by shining bright light

Came to unearth my demons and plight

The work is on, it’s only just

How else can love be given a chance

To grow, to bloom to be adult soon

The only way to unity or groom

I give my thanks in all accounts

For the love I found was in large amounts

Whether it stay or does be lost

Perhaps if fleeting, was worth the cost

©2017. Dorn Simon

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Serpent’s Kiss



I’m so impulsive yet need to stop

Else all will fail, cease and drop

The things I learn are tougher still

It’s truly an arduous climb on this hill

Let go of Impulse, Control, Expectations and Fear

Who could believe anything be left here

Alas there I am behind all these shields

Standing raw and open, bleeding and peeled

With more hope and life than ever before revealed

Shedding a skin is a painful yet beautiful thing

When one can turn to face it and glare deep within

See the raw form and accept it as is

No glossing it up, no pretty, no frills

Kundalini began rising inside

A Serpents Kiss I could not hide

Reptilian in my alien self

Time to reveal the core of me and her wealth

For I am like all humankind

Full of flaws, yet also kind

I will not stop learning to be

The betterment and best of me

©2017. Dorn Simon

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The Phoenix Rising

Like a moth to the flame

The light all consuming, self combusting

I am the Phoenix rising from the Flames

Ever brighter, strengthened again

Made not of ash nor debris

I am a bird reborn completely

Looking back from whence I came

I hereby release all pain and blame

Fly up high with no more shame

Fiery red my long haired mane

©2017. Dorn Simon

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The Fool’s Journey of Me


The Fool’s journey of me
Not what I expected to be
Even now, at nearly 50
Lessons arriving to unsettle me
Harder they come this time around
Yet Inspiration and Love I’ve found
Which gives me cause and effect
To derive my Keys from darkest depths
In which I’m willing to open all doors
To face that within including the flaws
Sit with each and guide them through
On their journey to something new
Released to the Light to burn anew
From which I’ll birth my own New Dawn
Rebirth of the hardest kind
Love in my heart, Hope in my mind.

©2017. Dorn Simon

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2016 ~ Numerology #9



2016 ~ Numerology #9


Boy! What a year! That Angel of Death sure made up for any perception of lost time.

Welcome to 2016, Numerology Number Nine.

Endings and Completion, no hiding for any reason.

It sure was like that for me.

I have (Fate I tempt you not!) survived, in all manner of sense, and learned some extreme lessons this past year.

I have had the most significant endings, which for some reason I dragged out for far too long and yet once done, was the best feeling in the world.

The forcefulness, of which 2016 ravaged each and every soul on this planet, was more extreme than any I have ever witnessed; with Change, or Push for Change being the Potent Message for 2017.

We have witnessed huge People Power across the Globe, people who are by far sick of being controlled by a rich and greedy Matrix; we have witnessed diverse Cultures backing each other in support; Native Indigenous Tribes once in adversity now Standing As One, to Save Our Water; as so many other countries are doing in their own way, by opposing their governments policies that pillage the natural resources.

We have sadly also seen or have been given blinkers to see, the atrocities across the Middle East once more, though far more horrendous than before; as those who stand in power, declaring a fight against Terrorism, are the very powers whom invested in the training and funding of both sides of each of these catastrophic wars – why? Oil. Greed. Trillions. War Equals Profit.

Therefore, the domino effect has led us to the worst crimes in humanity in our recent generation and to the worst refugee crisis in same said generation.

It wasn’t enough to make money, or quieten the opposition, to buy the media, to obliterate other nations, or to create terrorist sects, we now have the Trump-eteers creating the mindset of the KKK, in marring the souls that managed to survive the wreckage of their country and travel in the most life-threatening circumstances, to find refuge for their families; to be met with utter xenophobia, disdain, racism, brutality; Direct Provision is Slum-land, yes, a miracle for those and where they ran from, but a crime to Humanity.

2016 also brought the loudest messages in a way so as to be heard.

Considering so many were not listening, or were reading mainstream media and believing this as facts; the biased, bought and owned by the same Billionaires invested in the wars and depravation across the planet, including that of the Oil company DAPL of which the Native Americans at Standing Rock are still being brutally shot at, and arrested for standing in peaceful prayer circles.

Those loudest messages had to bypass this ignorant system of media, or else USE it; it also had to be able to target the audience, all Humanity, with something they might actually listen to, be understanding of, interested in, know of, influenced by.

So came the influx of so many a celebrity death.

Beginning in December of 2015 with Lemmy Kilmister, to Alan Rickman, then David Bowie, and as we know, that list kept on being added to, at an alarming rate, with too many to mention in one article, and has yet to cease; as we see Carrie Fisher, and her Mother Debbie Reynolds just pass in recent days.

If this didn’t make people start to make the world wake up, wake up to mortality, to the facts that if their idols can die so young, and to realise, that they can FEEL so much sadness for an icon, musician, rock star, actress, writer, philanthropist that why are they so inclined to dismiss, ignore, turn a blind eye to Aleppo? Refugees? Or worse, jump on the bandwagon of xenophobia.

The Source, as I shall name her/him, as Source comes in a thousand names, and as many faiths, is trying to teach us all a lesson, to educate us all, to open our eyes, to the repetitive mistakes across centuries – no, aeons, that humanity has made.

History Repeating Itself.

2016 is teaching us about Endings. Completion.

The End.

The End that we are all in our own way contributing to.

Wake Up.

Force for Change.

Stand for Change.

Insist on Change.

Be the Change.

Make 2017 be the reply to Source, that we have learned the lesson, and heard the message given us in 2016.


©12/16. Dorn Simon-Sinnott

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DornDryad on Patreon

DornDryad is creating Guided Meditations/Healing Audio-Visuals, and Writing on Patreon…



DornDryad will offer written, recorded Guided Meditations/Distant Healings* in Reiki, Angelic, Shamanism modalities, in both Audio/Video formats specifically for Patrons on her Patreon Page via an ‘unlisted videos’ category on ‘Intuitive Insights’ YouTube Channel.

As a Writer/Author, Dorn will also offer first glimpses into forthcoming publications/works*; Poetry*; Articles on a variety of subjects, including Spirituality, Western Mystery Traditions, Ancient Greek/Egyptian Mythology/Hellenic Practices, to name a few niche topics*.

*All Meditations/written materials are written by

©Dorn Simon-Sinnott.


During the Perseid’s Meteor Shower, I was inspired to write a new Guided Meditation Journey and record it. I then edited it to some photo’s I had taken myself last year.

The ‘Perseid’s Shooting Star Guided Meditation’ is only available to view through my Patreon Page linked above.

For as little as a $1 per month Pledge, you will receive a minimum of 4, yes FOUR newly written, recorded, and edited Guided Meditations per month…There is also Rewards to be had within the Pledge tariff choices 😉

You will then also gain access to read snippets and sneak peeks of forthcoming works, in the publishing vein, or novels, short stories I am working on…as well as Poetry regularly written and shared only with my Patrons, and Articles I shall write specifically for Patreon Patrons also.

I invite you to pop over and have gander, as there are loads of other creators on the site too!




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Behind the Veil


Where’s she been? What’s she up to?


To answer simply;

At a computer the most part, Writing; Creating; Deadline prepping for Publishing…

…with a dash of Nature Trailing, Activism, Poetry Slamming, Gig Going, and oh yeah, another side-line…


Intuitive Insights; which you may have heard about…which also shares offers, insights, with a community on the FB Page

…Helios; below, is the Greek Sun God whom is the Guardian of the Intuitive Insights endeavour…Shining like a beacon.




…Well now there’s a YouTube Channel too!

Where you will find FREE HEALING Videos to benefit you and give you a Sampler/Taster of the work I do in this area.


Now, back to the main reason for my absence…

I am nearing completion of my latest book, which will be in around an average of 400 pages.


Not to worry, it is a Devotional, poetically written, Hymns Book.

In antiquity, Worshippers, Suppliants, Devotees, Supplicants, Followers…Wrote, offering up Hymns to their Deities, at times of importance, Ritual Days, Feast Days.

Enter in my modern equivalent.

Hymn a Day to Εκάτη ~ Devotional Hymns for 365 Days

Forthcoming: 2016

Being Published by Prydein Press.

Author contract signed. Soon to appear on the website.

This is not my first venture into published works…as Local Newletters, Rural Rags have included my works, alongside Anthologies, one of which was published by Avalonia

This work too was a Devotional offering to the Goddess Hekate titled; Hekate: Her Sacred Fires.

I dabbled into eBook territory also, publishing a Poetry Sampler:

Ride the Helter Skelter In My Mind ~ Selected Poetry.

I write daily, a recent form that I have adopted is in the Flash/Slam Poetry style…

…yet, an almost finished Gothic Novel of 900 pages, which I suspect to become a series of three, is written Auld English style.

So duplicity forever Reigns!

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