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Tendrils lovingly wrapped around
Slowly tightening that which bound
Needing the force to come detached
Allowing the natural eggs to hatch

Not dependent, nor other’s life hide
Face my own, face up with pride
Know my limits, needs and wants
99 to 1, yet 1 the point

Swimming in a pool of dreams
Sometimes not all what it seems
Teased with beauty, wishes galore
Yet, still that missing piece afore

In my mind, or broken world
Hard to tell as emotions hurled
Knowing only that familiar sting
Of isolation, a restrictive thing

Oft with a suggestive fix
Remains a recipe without the mix
Dry in mouth, hard to swallow
This bitter pill, I take tomorrow.

©2017. Dorn Simon.
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A New Dawn

A New Dawn


From the depths bravely rose
To be faced nose to nose
With the Fates so rightly posed
Gathered suppliants all composed


Not a twitch where nerves were cue
Bound and tied, ready anew
Hand in hand rebirthed with kin
Let this New Dawn now begin!


Traversing unknowing yet trust in full
Never a jump where whip may jolt bull
Unison voiced in times of old
Warmed up the abandoned cold


Amongst the beautiful roses I dance
Enlightened as if by trance
Each rose adding essence
To my now accepted presence.


©2017. Dorn Simon

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Priestess of the Forest – A Druid Journey to become a film project

Ellen Evert Hopman turning Novels into Film

Author Ellen Evert Hopman turning Novels into Film
Currently seeks:

* Investors

* Fundraising

* To film a ‘short teaser’ in the US in the Summer of 2017 to use as a Promo

* Storyboard Artist – First and foremost

* Producer’s

* Crew for future filming in Ireland for fully funded full length feature

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A force of nature
Continuous flow
One direction only
The water goes
Through the ravine, rock and dirt
Washing away debris and hurt
Some man-made, some of Mother Earth
Full forge ahead the pressure is led
Til reaches the edge
That fateful ledge
Over it flows as no way to slow
Survival in essence no-one knows
Plummeting through depths
Awash with cascades
Clears up the path, the charades
One way forward
Into rivers flow
Or just to pool a stagnant blue
Swimming in the water sprays
Refreshing to some, or rain for days
Drowned, disheveled, tore apart
Floating dazed without a grasp
Waterfalls are tremendous
If witnessed from afar
Not quite so when being one you are
Constant overflow
In nature’s hands
I want to be able to use my own
To tend my own lands
Whilst you’re busy planting seeds in other people’s gardens
It’s time to start weeding your own before everything hardens.


©2017. Dorn Simon

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Theatre of Life


Theatre of Life.

The Honeymoon is over
Flown out to Sea
Up in the clouds
Where it always be
Whilst down here on Earth
Everything hurts
Stark reality
Beauty lay like diamonds in the rough
To find them, one must be tough
What if one’s not? Then what’ve got?
Head or heart, feeling shot?
Choose Life the trainspotters say
But to be blitzed just for a day
Numbed, dumbed, falsely in bliss
Like when in love seeking a kiss
Veils to cross or pull down
Final curtain calls a sound
On this theatre called life
Not Mother, Success, nor a Wife

©2017. Dorn Simon

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Bodily changes
Wrapped around my head
The chrysalis my bed
Burning from the inside
No longer try to hide
Fight the fatigue
To be a new breed
Growing pains
God’s they hurt
Broken bones
Organs spurt
Shakes of fury
Nerves of glory
To describe it all?
That’s another story!
Unwrapping the trappings
Whilst hearing the echoes
Echoes of them
Those shadows
Voices, so dark
Feelings so stark
Uncomfortable lark
Left bitten as from a shark
Even love becomes hard work
When pupa inside behaves a jerk
Unravel more, to loosen the ties
Now it’s harder to close my eyes
Contentment has left, now bereft
As transformation begins
I must transform
Release the old, familiar scorn
Virginal I be, innocently
God’s, it’s killing me
I must transform
Be reborn

©2017. Dorn Simon

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Like Icarus I Burn

Like Icarus I Burn

©2017. Dorn Simon


Magnetism adds such flair

As I fly through the air

With wings given to me there

From the Angel such beauty fair

The Sun it warms me so

Alluring and drawing a glow

Never fails to close on in

Where the chemistry begins

Pleasure in fury

Love so unruly

Complete like never before

It is everything and so much more

Then like Icarus I fly too close

I get burnt like toast

Scorched inside out

Utterly over roast

You see I meet with Hubris

All behaviours I defy

Lived them in darkness

The light now I refuse to deny

Perhaps I mimic Phaethon

In some esoteric scene

A Myth beyond my control

As left in God’s Hands

Shining One

This I know

As assigned this to he


I call on the Elements to aid my balance

As to not burn out this love per chance

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