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“ABC Hymn to Ἑκατη “

“ABC Hymn to Ἑκατη”   Io Ἑκατη Angelos; Divine Messenger, Seer Io Ἑκατη Brimo; Fiery, Angered, Feared Io Ἑκατη Chthonia; Subterraneous, Earth Liminal Guide Io Ἑκατη Dadouchos; Torch-bearer, Shining Bright Io Ἑκατη Eukoline; Calm, Good-tempered, Delight Io Ἑκατη Pheraea; * … Continue reading

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Hekate Home Spell/Prayer

Hekate, Soteira, we call and honour thee The Goddess who has done so much for me I ask of you as Psychopompus, to guide Persephone to her Mother Illuminating her path through the darkness I ask the same for me … Continue reading

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Taking The Good With The Bad & How Things Always Come In Polarity

 I admittedly have a very Topsy Turvy time in life, it always being a mixed flow like a true Piscean. Added elements, chemicals, psychology and biochemistry making this more extreme in the realm of polarity, or bi-polarities. However, I was … Continue reading

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Hekate Samhain Prayer

Hekate guide me out of this cave In which I dwell most of my life In the darkness, painfully alone Help me find the path to the light To give me strength to find my might Hekate you who hold … Continue reading

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Hekate: An Illuminating Presence by Dorn Simon-Sinnott (Featured in Hekate: Her Sacred Fires)

The following article/written works are fully copyrighted… © Dorn Simon-Sinnott It has been published and appears in the tome Hekate: Her Sacred Fires (www.sacredfires.co.uk) which is an Anthology of written and art works created, inspired and in honour of the … Continue reading

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