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Dorn Simon

…was born in the ‘oldest recorded town in Britain’, the Pre-Roman town of Camulodunum, now known as Colchester in 1968.
(The earliest record of the town’s existence is a reference by the Roman writer, Pliny the Elder in AD77).

Dorn and her family lived briefly in New Jersey, USA. before returning to the East Anglian region of England whilst She still a child.
It was there that Dorn began writing as early as Seven years old, mostly writing poetry.
This developed into all forms of writing during the following forty years.
At Nineteen, already having lived and traveled in various countries, she relocated to Ireland in 1988, a time whereby Ireland still remained in a time-warp, both Religiously and Politically, leaving the fluorescent crimson haired, Goth attired Dorn, rather sticking out like a sore thumb! (Else being called ‘Bosco’, the Irish will understand!)

Dorn has since lived in counties Wicklow, Leitrim, Cavan, Dublin City Southside, and currently resides in the historic town of Enniscorthy near to the Art infused town of Wexford, in the sunny South-East.
Since 1993 she has written daily for herself, as well as for various publisher’s Anthologies, Magazines, Journal’s, Newsletter’s, Written Assignments, Blog’s and online.
In doing so, incorporating this skill into her various media based projects and career path’s; including Broadcast Media Production; running her own Digital Video Company ‘Adorn Productions’ during the first few years of the new millennium, and Tutoring Transition Year Students in TV Production from concept, screenplay/script to production fruition.

Dorn’s latest project’s included the back ‘Book Cover Blurb’ for the publication ‘A Legacy of Druids’, and the Launch and the subsequent site building of ‘Graphein Freelance’, and she is now in the finalizing stages of her first finished manuscript for paperback publishing withPrydein Press’, as well as Editor-in-Chief for a collaboration Anthology book project, and will be a contributing author to the forthcoming Anthology ‘Walking With The Gods’ edited by Susanna Dark, author of Tarot Life Saver’

As always there are 4 or more backburner manuscript idea’s, plots, and even fully Titled and Themed books running around inside her head, on notepads, typed and stored on digitized platform notes and set up in writing software ready to begin for real –




5 Responses to The Writer ~ About

  1. Just had a lovely visit around your website. Looking forward to following your journey.

  2. Dorn Simon-Sinnott says:

    Thank you, this is in midst of a huge updating, so be sure to return!

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  4. calmkate says:

    Seem to be out of likes, how interesting a life!

  5. calmkate: I have just seen your comment! It seems on paper, but not without it’s difficulties I might add 🙂

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