I Write Because…(Writing 101 – Assignment 1)

I write because…

I can; I do; I always have; I always will.

From as young as Seven years old, I wrote in one form or other regularly, partly as an act of escapism, partly for something to do whilst alone in my bedroom, or bored laying on the lounge floor awaiting TV time. Whether it poetry, composing a string of words into a story or film theme, angrily writing down images, and thoughts ushering in, depicted from my overactive brain, or making pretty with the drab school-work, writing my own songs for that forthcoming rock stardom 🙂 and writing evidence of the world I lived inside my head, the dreams, the fears, the hurts and the fantasies.

Though many of these were mere utterance’s of non comprehensible garb, some showing the sign’s of what is yet to come, other’s were scary I could think that way…and some quite bloody good for a kid!

Naturally as pubescence took hold, the emotions wrought, teenage angst, all fabulous material for a gloomy co-morbid psychology with which to write with.

At this time it was a way to make sense of my  feeling’s, thought’s, the differences I saw between myself and everybody else, and to this day, I have managed to keep some of these painful works; though not painful in how they were written, but excruciating as they still remind me of the day they were written, therefore, the gift to transfer words, thoughts, and feeling to a reader was already, innately present.

Soon, I began living within a rather diverse personality, duality, this was more displayed with imagery, fashion and a flambouyant vs Gothic macabre outer shell, that theatrically entertained my friends, and the writing dwindled to that of poetry, lyrics and self-obsessed letters.

Fast forward, move Country from England to Ireland, experience the varying nuances of life external and internal and there she was again, Dorn the Writer. Writing short stories, writing screenplay’s, TV script’s, beginning her Novel’s, and even a stint at regular serial writing online.

Writing gave me my first true taste of working for a living, as it got me a job in a local Community TV Network, from which I then decided Film/Writing were the only way to go, and jumped straight into Third year of a Advanced Broadcast Media Production course specialising in TV Production, where I gained a Distinction pass.

From this I continued to utilise my writing skills, by becoming a Tutor as well, teaching Transition Year Students in prominent Colleges across Dublin, Ireland, in Digital Video Production,  from Concept to Script, from Pre-Production to Film fruition, this alongside the writing skill also aiding me in creating this Course Curriculum myself.

Since then, I have been Published in various Print Journal’s, Magazines, Newsletter’s, and even in Book Anthologies, with my own Novel’s acquiring interest for Publishing this past year.

I now, with age and dwindling health have decided to push my boundaries once more and finally get all the writing I wish to expose, out there, published, alongside earning again, therefore I am re-introducing myself as a Freelance Writer with Graphein Freelance http://grapheinfreelance.weebly.com and have already a writing gig to write the Book Cover Blurb for a forthcoming publication.

I write because…it is Who and What I  am.




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