I don’t know where I am supposed to go

Constantly stood at a crossroads

Always crossed by circumstance not choice

I feel as though I never have a voice

Yet shout shout and beck and call

Get up so far before I fall

Belonging nowhere here nor there

Finding it hard to even care

Crash and bash head butting heads

Thought be different as spiritual instead

Alas though no, energies thwart all

I truly am near my final curtain call

Crossroads plenty steer left right and centre

I just need to return to placenta

Rebirth again and again once more

This time never once opening hearts door

The path I walk was meant to walk alone

The only way my purpose can hone

Miss me not as not many will

This agonising confusion I kill


Copyright: 2019. Dorn Simon

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Yearning, churning

Growling inside

Filled frustration

Gaping wide

Dire angst

Despair sank

Hollow centred

Open frank

Empty shell

Ridden well

Forlorn frown

Tarnished crown

Beats heard

No words

Noise loud

Silence bound

Broken heart found

Empty inner realms

Umbilical cord thrown

Emotions drown

Twin souls cross

Love to lost

Pain to fear

Yearning cheer

Braving being here

Kneading fragments

Cracking shields

Armoured up

Wielding heal

Live n learn

Build a home

Scream n shout

With without

Wrapped in arms

Come the calm

Lift release

Walk away

Left to fend another day

Ripped to shreds

Guts not head


Killing those

Darkest depths

Abysses wept

Rid this hell

Nurture quell

Love in light

Dark as night

Spirits within

I dispel

©2018. Dorn Simon

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Neptune Frost – Saul Williams


I’m excited to support the launch of a radical new project NEPTUNE FROST written and directed by Saul Williams


8 days left and just €1.815 to go to reach Saul’s goal target…Help us achieve this amazing project, a film that must be made!


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#NeptuneFrost – A Film by Saul Williams – Kickstarter Campaign

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#NeptuneFrost is the love story between an inter-sex runaway, a coltan miner and the virtual marvel born as a result of their union –


From an otherworldy village made of recycled computer parts, a hacking collective performs the most outrageous hacks in US & world history full of social commentary & gutsy platform takeovers. They are the virtual heroes of a world drawn closer and closer to authoritarian rule until they cross the line that takes them from beloved hackers to first-world terrorists.


Join the Kickstarter Campaign with us – Become an Ambassador – Investor – Pledge – Executive Producer…







Let’s help Saul reach this weeks goal of 1000 Backers…Keep Art Alive…I’m a Candle!

Burundi – Where it all began.

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Pandora’s Box



Pandora’s Box

Perpetually locked inside Pandora’s box
Both holding and losing the keys of those locks
The darkness inside consistently mocks
Created within, yet still imbues shock


Like crushed ice numbing the flow
Blood in veins struggle where to go
Core violently bubbles a storm
Molten lava cascades this form


Pulse now racing in marathon hell
Innards spewing from every cell
Ripping, shredding internals apart
Blood stops pumping this despairing heart


Clouded vision turns to blind
Throbbing brain seeks to find
A way back to happiness
Or forward without distress


Central mind most unkind
Chemicals battle inside
Exhausted from pain and shame
How to rid this mare of lame


Priceless gems exist at times
Will they outweigh the bitter limes
Each taste of joy soon watered down
Til anguish and displeasure found


Was it cycles of ones life
Is it the endless self created strife
To this Spiral I cannot slay
Up or down is Spirals way


Lest round and round
No longer spin
This dark place I’ve lived within
To n’vr return, I’ll not give in


Flashing particles beam in eyes
Head slowly deciphering lies
Curdled, whipped and broken
My words have now been spoken


Each shell peeled or crashed to floor
Deeper again there’s always more
How much longer til I get to the core?
As humility wears thin for sure!


Trapped inside Pandora’s box
Trying hard to open those locks
Constantly viewed under scrutiny
My existence has become a disciplinary


Those gems, those priceless precious gems
I on occasion experience the bliss
Short lived they are, yet soar my heart far
As they represent true loves kiss


How much farther?
Millennia to go
Will it be alone?
I do not know


Patience is a virtue true
When worn down what will he do?
The limbo between what or when
Adds a certain shade of blue


The shells are crumbling, falling down
Not so hollow inside I’ve found
Packed with baggage neatly stored
Unpacking now this compact horde


“I am safe, I am loved”
Yet opposite do push and shove
Lying and manipulating my head
Until my entire being heavy as lead


Saturn you spin a lengthy return
Please set me free as I learn
Life’s too short and dwindling thus
To struggle, fight or make a fuss


Acceleration I’m cautious about
Particularly due to past routes
To be clear in order to steer
Yet let the universe push out fear


I find myself a cliche now
Predicable somehow
‘Got it all’ yet light blows out
Reignite I continue to shout


Blinded by the choices afore
I simply don’t want any more
Let me accomplish and create something
Myself, as a balanced human being!

©2018. Dorn Simon

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The Lightning Bolt

The Lightning Bolt



Carefully constructed
Perfectly redacted
That old fortified Tower
Standing tall not cower

Stone cold front
Sealed circumference
Neatly consealing all

Convinced of dealing
No longer feeling
As isolation called

Truth t’was shielding
Life not yielding
Floating inside those walls

Then Lightning Struck
Oh such Good Luck
As the Man of Light Fell
For hidden gem, pulling her out of Hell

The Lightning Bolt powerfully jolts
Crashing through the stone
Striking hard, striking fast
Now requires new home

Seemed the mortar
Seal deal son and daughter
Yet crashing Tower begun
Next came strife where should sat fun

That structure built
So tough, as not to tilt
Then cracks, and falls apart
Here begins where no one wins
The breaking of 2, no, 4 hearts

You see within, a child sat in
All twisted and alone
Not had touch to cater much
Of interpersonal skill

The adult exists so now persists
To grab the bull by the horns
As life’s too short to live in hurt
That Tower did my life usurp

The Lightning Struck Tower
Will not leave me sour
Even with menopause
For the Man of Light
Through all my plight
Open my eyes to my flaws
In an act of love and adore
Myself did the closing of doors

Faced now with how to finally stand up
To face the fears, manifest my own luck
A place of love, safety come
Worry not, I am home
Step on forward, positive stance
Life nor love’s not lost
Just paused to change the dance.

©2018. Dorn Simon

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Impasse or Grow.

Impasse or Grow.


At an impasse
At a crossroads
What is reality?
God’s only knows
Was it projection?
My own protection
Was it love?
Fitting like a glove
Was it real?
The actual deal
Or figment of imagination
I did steal
Extremes I know
Intimately so
Yet where I’m faced
Never before graced
A tug of war
Totally ignored
Not being heard
No matter implore
Answer me
My head screams
Out of replies
So it seems
Heart is numbed
Therefore dumbed
Spirit lost
At such a cost
Body slain
Reminded days
Was it real?
Spinning wheel
Perfect match
So erotic
Itched that scratch
Yearn to learn
Reach to teach
In thy arms
Forever deep
Now the gap
No head in lap
Emotional shake
Vast ravine
All that’s seen
Where the infused love had been
Reality shows
Never a fairytale
As some said so
Can I do without?
Stay and float about
Or do I leave?
Heartbroken on sleeve
At an impasse
At a crossroads
Do I feel love?
Even I don’t know!


©2018. Dorn Simon

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