The Lightning Bolt

The Lightning Bolt



Carefully constructed
Perfectly redacted
That old fortified Tower
Standing tall not cower

Stone cold front
Sealed circumference
Neatly consealing all

Convinced of dealing
No longer feeling
As isolation called

Truth t’was shielding
Life not yielding
Floating inside those walls

Then Lightning Struck
Oh such Good Luck
As the Man of Light Fell
For hidden gem, pulling her out of Hell

The Lightning Bolt powerfully jolts
Crashing through the stone
Striking hard, striking fast
Now requires new home

Seemed the mortar
Seal deal son and daughter
Yet crashing Tower begun
Next came strife where should sat fun

That structure built
So tough, as not to tilt
Then cracks, and falls apart
Here begins where no one wins
The breaking of 2, no, 4 hearts

You see within, a child sat in
All twisted and alone
Not had touch to cater much
Of interpersonal skill

The adult exists so now persists
To grab the bull by the horns
As life’s too short to live in hurt
That Tower did my life usurp

The Lightning Struck Tower
Will not leave me sour
Even with menopause
For the Man of Light
Through all my plight
Open my eyes to my flaws
In an act of love and adore
Myself did the closing of doors

Faced now with how to finally stand up
To face the fears, manifest my own luck
A place of love, safety come
Worry not, I am home
Step on forward, positive stance
Life nor love’s not lost
Just paused to change the dance.

©2018. Dorn Simon

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Impasse or Grow.

Impasse or Grow.


At an impasse
At a crossroads
What is reality?
God’s only knows
Was it projection?
My own protection
Was it love?
Fitting like a glove
Was it real?
The actual deal
Or figment of imagination
I did steal
Extremes I know
Intimately so
Yet where I’m faced
Never before graced
A tug of war
Totally ignored
Not being heard
No matter implore
Answer me
My head screams
Out of replies
So it seems
Heart is numbed
Therefore dumbed
Spirit lost
At such a cost
Body slain
Reminded days
Was it real?
Spinning wheel
Perfect match
So erotic
Itched that scratch
Yearn to learn
Reach to teach
In thy arms
Forever deep
Now the gap
No head in lap
Emotional shake
Vast ravine
All that’s seen
Where the infused love had been
Reality shows
Never a fairytale
As some said so
Can I do without?
Stay and float about
Or do I leave?
Heartbroken on sleeve
At an impasse
At a crossroads
Do I feel love?
Even I don’t know!


©2018. Dorn Simon

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Love’s Unwind


Icthyosby graven-images-426


Love’s Unwind


Frenetic entwined

Clearly defined

Unwrap rewind

Upside behind

Huddled as one

When it begun

Curdled now


Seeping slowly

Segmenting apart

Fierce pull on the heart

Where once drew magnetized

Ripping away now unrealized

Beats are slower

Almost none

Breathless before

Never thought be gone

Through extremes

Of bipolar means

Hard to tell

If we’re still fell

Patience endurance

Crippling assurance

Unknowns all I see

Abstract mind

Creates and finds

Jigsaw pieces of defeat

Temptation rising

Of bitter deceit

Desires of darkness

As devil taunt harkness

May I never forget

The love I held

Love I felt

When we both had fell.


©2018. Dorn Simon

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Hop Down the Rabbit Hole…

Hop Down the Rabbit Hole…


It’s where I wish to be
Hop on down where no-one can see
The brutal pain of complexity
That which never abandons me

Down the Rabbit Hole
Who wants to come?
Who could blame them!

Though I hear you there, through the dusty dirt
As you too lay hidden and hurt
I not alone, though feel to be
Oft wanting it, to be completely free

Life longed seeking to find mate of same
Only realising, it clashes untamed
Too much of one, or of another
Being the same can be a bother

Run now run, like Reynard the Fox
Seeking that refuge that one’s not got
Hopping in spurts from over exert
Down the Rabbit Hole fall

In the darkness it’s all so quiet
A peaceful numbing counters it
Dreams of chemical induced ideals
Give you those awfully good feels

Here you can be whomever you wish
Creating a recipe for your own dish
Ingredients of your own choosing
People you delude self into never losing

A happy place, if just for an hour
A chosen face, so milk doesn’t sour
Serotonin and dopamine shake
Gearing you up for realities sake

An average day, I confess, no, digress
Unashamed, as adds to my test
The cryptic message new each day
How to survive, in what way?

Others travel this cobbled stone
Twisting ankles, they not alone
Running barefoot, hungry as hell
Millions with nowhere to dwell

Closer still, a passing looms
There I sit drowned by doom
How She’d love to have my health
As I dream of end with stealth

Juxtaposed, duplicity
Never ending serendipity
All in my life, designed by theoi
To illuminate my path, show me how

The lights too bright, I scream in protest
The dark I know, as I’ve processed
Each shadowy corner, to know it’s shape
I know the difference between heaven and hell’s gate

He says I’m hermetically sealed
This is true in many fields
The life I lead, is in my head
I simply want to live it instead

Contradiction, another asset
I have many I can profess
Holding the gems or profound skills
Means little, if unable to pay bills

White noise consumes me
Buzzing in my head
Giving a rhythm, to keep up this thread
Opportunity knocks galore, if only I can move to open that door!


©2018. Dorn Simon


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Self Absorbed Me



Self Absorbed Me


I’m Miss Mcjudgey
Borderline to a fault

I’m Miss Extremely
For every thingy
Except when focus takes hold

My love is endless
My spirit is bendless
I’m a force to behold

(A heart of gold, truth be told)

Though Ego fights control
The child within, holds all her kin
Those blood, and who I chose

Fierce of tongue
When shadow won
Pierces my heart

Spinning wheel, wears down peel
Til the damage is all one feels
A man of steel, isn’t real

Even when in love with him
My polar swings have broken wings
Now preventing so many things

A consequence
A barbed wired fence
I sit upon defenseless


©2017. Dorn Simon

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Shadow of Love



Shadow of Love


Where dark beasts devour to feed
Conjured up ironically when love’s in need
Nefarious takes a vitriol stand
By which time it’s out of my hands!

Love so strong, fighting underneath
As blackness hurls despite my seethe
Begging for the vortex to break
Knowing every particle that’s at stake

A losing feat which way it turns
Whether slay the beast, or perpetual churns
As damage caused does reach its limit
Even with my endeavoured remit

A wise man once said love is a verb
Meaning it is a doing word
Nefarious like actions is not love make
Therefore loves very foundation shake

King of Swords thrice turned to me
I hereby grab the sword, wielding
Approach those shadows shielding
Slice through their density, to gain true clarity, and forge out disparity!


©2017. Dorn Simon
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Tendrils lovingly wrapped around
Slowly tightening that which bound
Needing the force to come detached
Allowing the natural eggs to hatch

Not dependent, nor other’s life hide
Face my own, face up with pride
Know my limits, needs and wants
99 to 1, yet 1 the point

Swimming in a pool of dreams
Sometimes not all what it seems
Teased with beauty, wishes galore
Yet, still that missing piece afore

In my mind, or broken world
Hard to tell as emotions hurled
Knowing only that familiar sting
Of isolation, a restrictive thing

Oft with a suggestive fix
Remains a recipe without the mix
Dry in mouth, hard to swallow
This bitter pill, I take tomorrow.

©2017. Dorn Simon.
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