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DornDryad is creating Guided Meditations/Healing Audio-Visuals, and Writing on Patreon…



DornDryad will offer written, recorded Guided Meditations/Distant Healings* in Reiki, Angelic, Shamanism modalities, in both Audio/Video formats specifically for Patrons on her Patreon Page via an ‘unlisted videos’ category on ‘Intuitive Insights’ YouTube Channel.

As a Writer/Author, Dorn will also offer first glimpses into forthcoming publications/works*; Poetry*; Articles on a variety of subjects, including Spirituality, Western Mystery Traditions, Ancient Greek/Egyptian Mythology/Hellenic Practices, to name a few niche topics*.

*All Meditations/written materials are written by

©Dorn Simon-Sinnott.


During the Perseid’s Meteor Shower, I was inspired to write a new Guided Meditation Journey and record it. I then edited it to some photo’s I had taken myself last year.

The ‘Perseid’s Shooting Star Guided Meditation’ is only available to view through my Patreon Page linked above.

For as little as a $1 per month Pledge, you will receive a minimum of 4, yes FOUR newly written, recorded, and edited Guided Meditations per month…There is also Rewards to be had within the Pledge tariff choices😉

You will then also gain access to read snippets and sneak peeks of forthcoming works, in the publishing vein, or novels, short stories I am working on…as well as Poetry regularly written and shared only with my Patrons, and Articles I shall write specifically for Patreon Patrons also.

I invite you to pop over and have gander, as there are loads of other creators on the site too!




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Behind the Veil


Where’s she been? What’s she up to?


To answer simply;

At a computer the most part, Writing; Creating; Deadline prepping for Publishing…

…with a dash of Nature Trailing, Activism, Poetry Slamming, Gig Going, and oh yeah, another side-line…


Intuitive Insights; which you may have heard about…which also shares offers, insights, with a community on the FB Page

…Helios; below, is the Greek Sun God whom is the Guardian of the Intuitive Insights endeavour…Shining like a beacon.




…Well now there’s a YouTube Channel too!

Where you will find FREE HEALING Videos to benefit you and give you a Sampler/Taster of the work I do in this area.


Now, back to the main reason for my absence…

I am nearing completion of my latest book, which will be in around an average of 400 pages.


Not to worry, it is a Devotional, poetically written, Hymns Book.

In antiquity, Worshippers, Suppliants, Devotees, Supplicants, Followers…Wrote, offering up Hymns to their Deities, at times of importance, Ritual Days, Feast Days.

Enter in my modern equivalent.

Hymn a Day to Εκάτη ~ Devotional Hymns for 365 Days

Forthcoming: 2016

Being Published by Prydein Press.

Author contract signed. Soon to appear on the website.

This is not my first venture into published works…as Local Newletters, Rural Rags have included my works, alongside Anthologies, one of which was published by Avalonia

This work too was a Devotional offering to the Goddess Hekate titled; Hekate: Her Sacred Fires.

I dabbled into eBook territory also, publishing a Poetry Sampler:

Ride the Helter Skelter In My Mind ~ Selected Poetry.

I write daily, a recent form that I have adopted is in the Flash/Slam Poetry style…

…yet, an almost finished Gothic Novel of 900 pages, which I suspect to become a series of three, is written Auld English style.

So duplicity forever Reigns!

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Intuitive Insights




♥ July Specials ♥

♥ For the month of July ALL Readings are on a special! For a Full Email Elemental Intuitive Reading with a choice of Deck from my collection,  Special: €25 ♥

♥ For the month of July ALL 60 minute Healings will be offered at €30 ♥

Contact/Order Now!


Blessings of the Summer and Helios the Sun God.


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Anthology open for Submissions

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HOT COMPETITION over at Intuitive Insights

Intuitive Insights

Competition Time

*Full Email Intuitive Card Reading*

ace of bowls

Card Image: Ace of Bowls: – The Hekate Tarot

Choice of Decks: The Hekate Tarot; Soul Cards; Enchanted Tarot; Rider-Waite Tarot; Celtic Tarot; Thoth Tarot; Mythic Tarot.

As Ireland is mid its one and only (no doubt!) Summer weather week, I have decided to hold a HOT COMPETITION!

All you have to do to be in the draw, is like this post, share/reblog this post, and comment the name of the person (or yourself) that you wish to win the Intuitive Reading for…Good Luck!

I shall hold this open until Summer Solstice June 20th 2016.

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Special Offers…less than a week left!





Reiki, Choice of Healings, Intuitive Readings



“Pay What YOU Think It Is Worth”


…until this Saturday coming…

…over at…

Intuitive Insights.

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Intuitive Insights Launch Special Offer

My Spiritual Healing side-line ‘Intuitive Insights’ now has a website on WordPress…
Launch Special Offers!

Graphein Freelance

*LAUNCH SPECIAL* As a ‘Thank You’ also to all those who have visited this site & the Intuitive Insights Facebook page. I am launching a ‘PAY WHAT YOU THINK IT’S WORTH’ Special for the next two …

Source: Launch Special Offer

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