DornDryad on Patreon

DornDryad is creating Guided Meditations/Healing Audio-Visuals, and Writing on Patreon…



DornDryad will offer written, recorded Guided Meditations/Distant Healings* in Reiki, Angelic, Shamanism modalities, in both Audio/Video formats specifically for Patrons on her Patreon Page via an ‘unlisted videos’ category on ‘Intuitive Insights’ YouTube Channel.

As a Writer/Author, Dorn will also offer first glimpses into forthcoming publications/works*; Poetry*; Articles on a variety of subjects, including Spirituality, Western Mystery Traditions, Ancient Greek/Egyptian Mythology/Hellenic Practices, to name a few niche topics*.

*All Meditations/written materials are written by

©Dorn Simon-Sinnott.


During the Perseid’s Meteor Shower, I was inspired to write a new Guided Meditation Journey and record it. I then edited it to some photo’s I had taken myself last year.

The ‘Perseid’s Shooting Star Guided Meditation’ is only available to view through my Patreon Page linked above.

For as little as a $1 per month Pledge, you will receive a minimum of 4, yes FOUR newly written, recorded, and edited Guided Meditations per month…There is also Rewards to be had within the Pledge tariff choices 😉

You will then also gain access to read snippets and sneak peeks of forthcoming works, in the publishing vein, or novels, short stories I am working on…as well as Poetry regularly written and shared only with my Patrons, and Articles I shall write specifically for Patreon Patrons also.

I invite you to pop over and have gander, as there are loads of other creators on the site too!




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